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Pretty Little Liars -- The Liars Can't Do Simple Math

Updated on June 15, 2015

Or Marlene King can't!

Of all the red herrings Marlene King has pulled on this show, this one really is the worst. Andrew is a fellow student, hence he's too young to be Andrew. Something the police probably don't know, as per usual, the liars have probably kept that bit of knowledge to themselves. But the liars should know. It just makes them look incredibly stupid. I mean, if Andrew [who was previously portrayed as being smart: he was on that debating team as well as being chosen to tutor Aria] then he hasn't been let back several years to make him a college-aged student still attending high school. So the liars should be able to realize on their own that Andrew isn't Charles. Only they don't.

The liars are home. Aria is gungho to make sure Andrew doesn't get off the hook. She's convinced Andrew is A [and so are the other liars.] All the evidence proves he's A. It's not like A hasn't framed someone before, right? Like Ali and Hanna and the rest of them. It's stuff like this that just makes your eyes roll. Seriously, being written as this dumb how can they ever figure out who A really is on their own? Ella, per usual is her usual passive self telling Aria it's too soon. She also seems to subtly suggest maybe Andrew isn't the one, but Aria doesn't do subtle.

Emily tries on her father's fatigue jacket. She also finds his gun and decides to learn how to use it. So one of the liars is actually going to do what Jenna did several seasons ago when she was afraid something was after her. It's too bad Jenna isn't a liar. She would have had it figured out long ago who A is.

Spencer gets into it with Veronica because she won't let her take anti-anxiety meds because she fears Spencer will get hooked again. While Spencer fans thought Veronica was being horrible, I thought she had a good point. Spencer has an addictive personality and they just got her off the pills. That would amount to pouring boozed down an alcoholics throat. From Spencer's nightmare or memory it seems the person that speculated the liars were forced to torture each other was right. Of course, the question remains who chose who.

Ali says her father says there is no Charles DiLaurentis. Spencer suggests Daddy D is lying, which he probably is. Spencer thanks Ali for getting them out of that place.

Aria's hanging at Ezra's coffee house with another new do. This one without pink streaks. Aria snaps at Ezra for suggesting she write about her experience.

Hanna wants to remove the wallpaper from her room. Probably because psycho made a replica of her room.

Ali meets Toby's new partner, Lorenzo. Toby doesn't want to be friends with Ali. So much for his claim that he forgave her for blackmailing him into juvie because she freed him from Evil Jenna. I never bought that BS anyway. It appears that Lorenzo will be Ali's new boy toy. Guess she's not playing for Emily's team, this season.

Ashley comes home and Hanna announces she's getting rid of everything in her room. She says everything in her room is ruined.

Pam confronts Emily about being at the shooting range. Pam tells Emily that Wayne's gun is off limits. Emily told Paige not to come back to Rosewood and tells Pam that Paige made the right choice leaving town. If Pam doesn't want Emily learning to fire a gun, then maybe sign her up for self-defense classes. The girl obviously doesn't feel safe and is trying to find a way to make herself feel safe. It's a rational reaction after what she went through.

Per usual, and the reason this thing carried on for as long as it did, is the liars don't want to talk about it. That's another problem with the writing. These girls never learn.

Hanna sitting on the floor of her stripped bedroom. Hanna doesn't want to see the liars and go shopping with them as Ashley suggests. Ashley asks what happened to Hanna in that room. She tells Ashley Charles played a sick version of Truth or Dare with them. Who should get water, who do you love more, etc. But that's as far as she'll go in regards to saying just what happened.

Aria is convinced Charles is Andrew even though she never saw his face. Aria decides to lie to tighten the noose around Andrew's neck because she's so convinced he's Charles. Yeah, and what will she do when she finds out it wasn't Andrew? Lie, again.

Toby has doubts about Andrew's guilt. Toby asks Spencer what happened. She doesn't want to talk about it and she's also sure Andrew is Charles. And she's supposed to be the smart one.

Emily's flashback confirms it. The liars had to choose one of the other liars to be tortured

Ali in church looking at Toby's partner Lorenzo. He talks to her after church. Okay, the last male black character this show introduced to get cozy with one of the girls was Nate and the dude was a psycho. I swear, that's who this dude reminds me of.

Pam catches Emily at the shooting range, again. Emily says she could see in Sarah's eyes that she'd been down there for years, and what would happen if she had been down there for years, too. Hopefully, Pam finally gets why Emily feels the need to learn how to shoot a gun, now.

Aria apologizes to Spencer. So did she actually choose Spencer to be tortured? Spencer asks for what? Maybe no matter who they chose, When Aria leaves the room, Spencer fingers Aria's meds. In short, Addiction City here we come. Looks like Veronica was right.

Hanna tells Caleb she's having a hard time looking her friends in the eyes. Hanna decides she wants her night table back.

Ali seeks out Lorenzo to try and explain herself to him. He invites her to sit down with him.

Ashley comes and sits in Hanna's room as Hanna sleeps in Caleb's arms.

Aria still insisting it has to be Andrew when Ella says they all want the person who did this punished. Okay, Ella is officially the smartest character on the show right now. You didn't see his face, Aria, you don't know who Charles is, dummy.

Emily finds Sarah hanging outside her house. She says she ran away.

Sarah says by coming home she ruined all the sympathy her mother was getting and she should have stayed in that hole.

Sarah apparently is smarter in the liars, as she asks Emily if she's sure Andrew is Charles.

This makes the liars question their certainty it was Andrew.

Seriously, they couldn't come to that conclusion on their own? They needed a stranger they haven't spoken two words to to make them figure that out?


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