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Pretty Little Liars -- The Liars Want Out Of Ali World

Updated on August 17, 2014

It's Spencer and Hanna vs. Aria and Emily

Spencer joins Team Hanna in wanting to be free of Ali, while the other two want to stick to the status quo. And Hanna can't seem to get free of Mona.

The arrest of Cyrus as suspect in Ali's fake kidnapping and the revelation that she actually knows him push Spencer to the limit and she wants to break all ties with Ali before she drags them all down with her. So desperate is Spencer that she wants to go to the police and tell them the truth. Of course, Aria won't get on that train, not wanting the police to know she's the one who killed Shana. And Emily refuses to turn her back on Ali.

So Spencer's pleas that A has set this whole thing up with Cyrus to trap them fall on deaf ears. Aria's all, "As long as Ali's lies protect me, I'm not turning on her." And Emily is all, "Melissa is bad." As for Melissa she's all I'm in danger and so are you, Spence, I'm leaving town, why don't you come with me.

There's a rumored big death coming up in the mid-season finale and everyone is convinced it's Melissa. The fact that Melissa is making a taped confession seems to cinch it for everyone that Melissa is Dead Woman Walking.

Meanwhile Hanna is still pretty much living with Caleb and her mother doesn't seem to notice that. Ashley thankfully wasn't on this week, so we could be spared the gag inducing Ali devotion coming from her while she doesn't even notice what's going on with her daughter. Daddy DiLaurentis [whose first name I can never remember, just like I can never remember Aria's last name] is back, so hopefully Ali finally took her carcass out of Hanna's house so Hanna can fumigate the place to remove Ali's stench from it.

Anyway, Hanna is off the sauce and now she's cleaning out Caleb's fridge from all the junk food. She also gets Caleb to go jogging with her. Hanna's goal is to stay away from everything A-related. That includes A and Ali. She wants to be like a normal high school student who is just worried about if she'll get picked for a singing try-out. In fact, she decides to go and try out with the other girls.

Only, lo and behold, who is also at the audition but Mona. But instead of beating Hanna in the audition she ends up laying on the floor after fainting. When she comes to she's all hyper about having her bag. Curious, Hanna peeks inside and sees Cyrus' wrap sheet. Later, she climbs in Mona's car, that's parked outside of the police station. Mona's waiting for Ali to say it wasn't Cyrus so she can follow him to whomever put him up to claiming he was the kidnapper.

A couple of episodes back Mona mentioned casually Noel gave her his notes or something like that and we know Noel is Ali's puppet, so it seems likely Ali sicked him on her. Is it possible she told Noel to slip Mona something. Like some of her mother's meds? Is that what really made Mona faint? Is Ali telling Noel it won't really harm Mona, but will it end up killing her?

Mona claims she fainted because of anxiety over Ali because she's afraid of her. But she didn't seem the least bit anxious beforehand so either she faked it or something else made her faint. Like she's being drugged and doesn't know it.

I suppose in other circumstances it might be cute that none of them honestly think Ali will say Cyrus is the one who kidnapped her, when it'll put a neat little bow on her box of kidnapping lies. Or that knowing she knows him, they don't think she's behind his confession. Instead they think it was Melissa who is behind it. Guess none of them remember Toby and how she blackmailed him to take the fall for blinding Jenna.

Anyway, Ali waits long enough for Cyrus to be released because she wouldn't identify him to say it was him. Mona, blue-snarfing or whatever it's called, eavesdrops on Tanner's phone, so she doesn't see Cyrus leaving the back way so she can follow him to who set him up to doing this. Meanwhile Hanna sends out a 911 to the other liars about what Ali's done this time.

For Emily, it's the last straw and she tells Ali she's done for her. But for how long will she stick to that since Ali is the candy she's addicted to and can't say no to? She goes to Hanna's house and jumps on Team Hanna and Spencer much to Aria's displeasure.

Meanwhile, Ali in her Vivian Darkbloom outfit and wig minus the red coat meets Cyrus. Yes, she set the whole thing up. And one has to wonder if this isn't the mysterious Beach Hottie. They're not on what you'd call friendly terms. He talks about all the things they did together and the tales he could tell about her, and she returns the favor by saying she should have left him for dead. Then he takes off in his car with w Beta Beta sticker on the back. All I can says is boy does this chick like her the older men. Makes you wonder why she ever made a pass at Toby in the first place.

And this week's A scene shows A folding up a candy striper uniform. All the liars and Ali have worn one in the past. Is this a hint to A's true identity? I'm calling it now. It's Ali. When you connect all the dots it all leads to Ali, which I'll do in an upcoming post.


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