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Pretty Little Liars -- Things Are Looking Bad For Peter

Updated on July 4, 2014

Did Peter kill Jessica or is he just the latest red herring?

Most likely he's a red herring. The last time Peter had suspicion thrown on him it was right before the Mona reveal. So it looks like it's time for him to be under suspicion yet again. Meanwhile Aria was obsessing over Shana's death and it led her back to her original obsession, Ezra.

Mona is having problems with her nerd herd. Lucas already wants to pull out of the group, since he buys Ali's fake kidnapping story and is actually feeling sorry for the witch after how she treated him. But Mona claims she can prove Ali lied about the whole thing. And when she isn't trying to reassure Lucas and keep him on her side, she's stalking Paige to try and get her to join her group.

Paige once again refuses to join up with the nerd herd and asks Mona when she became the thing she fears most. Then Mona warns Paige if she's not with her, she's against her. Paige goes to Emily to warn her something is planned for when Ali returns to school, but she won't rat out whose involved. When she leaves the bushes move like someone was watching and heard what Paige said. I actually thought when Paige was crossing the street someone was going to run her down with a car.

Mona's stalking of Paige makes me wonder about that moment that passed between Paige and Melissa. The look they shared seemed to suggest they shared some kind of secret. And now Mona won't take no for an answer about her not wanting to join up with her. It just makes you wonder if there's more to the story with Paige.

Emily seemed to have donned a new personality this week. She was avoiding Ali and actually being halfway decent to Paige. She even told Ali she'd lie for her one last time, but this was it.

Hanna's new look included adding black streaks to her hair. However, getting away from Ali wasn't going to be that easy for her. Since the other three liars were refusing to answer Ali's calls, Hanna was forced into the position of being Ali's support system, again. I actually think it says a lot for Hanna after how foul that Ali's always been to her, she's been there more for Ali than the others have been.

The police were insisting Ali be examined by a doctor to no doubt verify her kidnapping story. Her father wanted to go with her, but she wanted the liars to come instead. Ken also wants to move, but Ali says she doesn't want to be without her friends. Anyway, back to the medical exam. The only liar that will answer Ali's calls is Hanna, so she agrees to go with her to the medical exam.

I actually thought Ali was trying to call the liars so she could fake some injuries to make it look like she'd actually been kidnapped. If I were going to lie about being kidnapped and I knew the police wanted me to do a physical exam to prove my story, I'd be wanting to make it look like I'd been abused by my kidnapper. Instead the doctor noticed a mysterious scar on Ali's leg. When Hanna asked how she got it she pulled a variation of what Peter pulled on Spencer. Instead of if you don't know you don't have to lie, it was once you know you can't unknow. The conclusion was the same. Hanna got no answers. Hanna also got an assignment from Ali. She taped everything she said to the doctor and ordered Hanna to give copies of the recording to the other liars so they can memorize it and back up her story.

Afterwards, Hanna goes shopping to find out what she likes to wear and got into a fight with Spencer on the phone over Ali's order about the tape. Afterwards, Hanna shoplifts the top she's wearing like she and Mona used to do together. It seems that breaking free of the hold Ali and Mona have over her is going to be a lot harder than she may have initially thought.

Aria did a Internet search on Shana that not only showed the correct way to spell her name but also revealed her last name. Earlier, she had found a book of Shana's at a school book sale that had highlighted text, but Hanna wouldn't allow her to take a good look at it. But no one was around to stop Aria from mass-watching Shana's funeral which someone had taped and put up on You Tube, apparently. This led her to ask Emily if she wanted to know everything about Nate after she killed him. [This bit was no doubt inspired by the Lulu's who follow Marlene King on Twitter and have been yapping about how cold Emily was not to rip her heart out over killing the guy that killed Maya, shot Caleb, was planning to kill Paige and was trying to kill Emily, herself.] Emily claimed she did and told a story about Nate's mother. Then Aria arrived on Ezra's doorstep where he equated stalking and seducing her and the guilt he supposedly feels about that to her killing Shana. He distracts her by playing games with her and you know it won't be long before she's knocking boots with him, again.

Spencer was still on a quest to discover what her family knows and what they aren't telling her. Since Peter and Melissa had their lips sealed, she zeroed in on Veronica, who finally cracked. It seems after Ali disappeared, to protect whomever she saw bop her vile demon seed on the head, Jessica tried to frame Spencer for it and even threatened to go to the police accusing Spencer. Peter returned the favor by threatening to go to Ken and tell him about their affair, thus ruining her marriage. So they were at a stalemate. Now Veronica's worried Peter went all Norman Bates on Jessica and buried their neighbor in their backyard,

Things look worse for Peter when Spencer finds rat poison in the shed. Did Peter use some of it to get rid of the big rat next door? Spencer thinks so. She knows Jessica was poisoned. But then Ali tells her someone messed with her mother's med and caused her to have a heart attack. Spencer's relief is short-lived, however, when she discovers a bottle of medicine sitting on the kitchen shelf. And then Peter enters claiming Veronica went postal on the police, so he sent her to the spa for awhile. Did he really send her away because of her case of loose lips?

So the ball is firmly in Peter's court making him look guilty as sin. But is he? Knowing this show, he'll just turn out to be the latest red herring with a perfectly innocent explanation for everything.


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