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Pretty Little Liars: When Will It End?

Updated on March 6, 2015

Too many secrets

Pretty Little Liars has been on air since June 8th, 2010. Five years and five seasons into the show, I am beginning to forget all of the little details and hints within the secrets shared by the girls.

While watching last night's episode with Melissa and Spencer having a heart to heart in London, I had to pause the show to look up something that they were discussing!
Being that it was the 117th episode I am not surprised I couldn't remember the "secret" that they spoke of. It was a huge deal when Melissa came forward with the fact that she accidentally killed Bethany by burying her alive. Somehow with all of the other details in the show and almost one year's time, I completely forgot that she revealed that to Spencer and the audience.

I almost want to start the entire show over again and binge watch while taking notes of all the little clues. I wonder if we remembered all of the weird things A does at the end of episodes if we would all know who it was.

Too many red herrings

Season five has been advertising for the last four weeks that the season finale will be a "Big A Reveal!" but I don't think I am the only one who is a little bit skeptical at this point in the show.

How many times have the writers led us to believe that A was going to be revealed only to show us Mona who was A's minion, Toby, and Ezra! Really PLL, Ezra?!

How could that adorable face handle a full-time job while also stalking four young girls and trying to ruin their lives?
How could that adorable face handle a full-time job while also stalking four young girls and trying to ruin their lives?

Now, I admit it was cool when they blamed Toby and made everybody believe he was really on the A-Team. (I didn't believe it for a second)

But, Ezra? He was just trying to write a dang book! He has helped all of the girls in so many ways.

Then again, because this show has been on for so long, you could rule out any character as A because everybody has helped the girls at some point, even Jenna. Maybe Ezra really is A!

Another big A theory that people seem to love is that Aria is A.

Every theory video I watch about a different character can convince me that that person is A. Obviously there are one too many misleading clues.

This is all not to mention the Red Herrings that have already been killed off such as Ian and Garrett.

I can't be the only person that just wants to bombard Marlene King's twitter, email, facebook, and home with letters and texts begging her to tell us who A is right now!
We have waited for FIVE years! How much longer can they torture us?

Let's start a PLL strike!

Maybe they're all in on it

Who is Big A?

See results

Twin theory

Another plot point of the story is Bethany Young. We don't know if she has much to do with A but there are a lot of questions brought up by her death.
Why did they mistake her body for Alison's?
Is she Alision's twin?
Why did Mrs. D buy them matching outfits?
Why doesn't Mr. D know about it?


Actually, I didn't even read the books. Maybe I should, but, I know a lot of people that read them and just couldn't get into the show afterward.
Anyway, I looked up some stuff about the books. Mona was A and Alison had a twin.
Could the show just be trying to act like they aren't the same but they really are?
Maybe Mona isn't dead and she is still A and Bethany really is Ali's twin.. Or the current Alison that is in jail right now is actually Bethany and it was Alison that was killed all those years ago.


What is up with the ghosts?

I included Bethany Young's ghost in the poll because there have been other clues pointing to a legitimate haunting.

What was up with this freezing little girl on Halloween that randomly appeared and disappeared at the Marin's house?

What about the link with the show to Ravenswood where they don't even pretend to not have ghosts?

Maybe Bethany is haunting them...
Wouldn't that suck?

How much longer can it go on?

According to Lucy Hale, there will be two more seasons to finish out the show.
Seven years, millions of secrets, threats, and set-ups later and we will finally know who the real A is..



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    • Cynthia Hoover profile image

      Cynthia Hoover 

      4 years ago from Newton, West Virginia

      I have to admit I have never watched the show. Your article has me wanting to binge watch on Netflix now though! Voted up and interesting!


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