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Preview: Oren Peli's The River

Updated on October 27, 2011
Lost? Same studio, different show
Lost? Same studio, different show

The River follows in line with Oren Peli's blockbuster hit Paranormal Activity as it continues the trend of bringing in the shaky hand-held camera style of filming. The story follows a wildlife expert/television personality Emmet Cole (played by Bruce Greenwood) as he gets lost in the Amazon. His wife Tess (Leslie Hope) gathers up a crew to find him in the Amazon as his emergency tracker gave out a signal when he went missing. Tess convinces her friends to come along as she boards a state of the art vessel to travel through the Amazon to find her lost husband. They also agree to allow Clark, Cole's ex-producer to film the mission. Joe Anderson plays Lincoln, the son of Emmet and Tess Cole, who has problems with his father as he felt like more of an enigma in his father's eyes and ultimately that drives him to want no part of his father. When he finds out that his father is missing in the Amazon through his mother, he quickly takes action to join her efforts in finding his father.

Joe Anderson as Lincoln Cole
Joe Anderson as Lincoln Cole

Not much else is known as of yet about this intriguing television series but they did recently release a trailer which did more to peak interest in the show. It showed much of what you would see in a Paranormal Activity film. People being thrown across the screen by an unseen entity and ultimately the growing fear of the characters that we are presented with. The trailer starts of showing the crew happily traveling through the Amazon and when things begin to go sour they don't know what to do. The most intriguing aspect is the fact that in the trailer they show the crew finding where the signal is coming from, but no one is there. What is even more disturbing is the fact that a door is melded shut from the inside.

The sad fact of the matter is that seeing how this show is featured in the wilderness, and the fact that there is a lot that is unknown about what is attacking them, it will ultimately be compared to Lost. It is an unfair comparison but in terms of mythology, the series could possibly compare down the line if it does take off. The River is also going to be shown on ABC, which has a huge void in their schedule since Lost has ended. The River already has a problem in my eyes though, I think it has potential to be something special but I don't think the studio does. If the studio did believe in it, we would be hearing about it much more often. I have yet to see one promotion on this show or even a set premiere date. The studio has said the show will debut mid-season, and that has been it.

Adding to the connection The River has with Paranormal Activity, Katie Featherston has been announced as having a multi-episode arc in the show. Featherston is famous for portraying Katie in Paranormal Activity 1,2, and 3 the older sister in the bunch that meets a sad fate at the end of the first film. Her connection to executive producer Oren Peli probably helped her land the gig and she certainly knows how to work with him and she can defintely act in horror films. That is for sure.

In terms of The River, when more is known about the show I will for sure post any news on this article.


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