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Prince William And Kate

Updated on April 5, 2011

What's The Big Deal?

I'm probably the only one who was bored silly by the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. I kept yelling at my TV, "Get this junk off my TV so I can see my soaps!" I was like, why are we interrupting our TV programs to watch a wedding taking place in England that really has nothing to do with us. And the media is doing it all over again with the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate. But my question is what's the big deal?

I suppose I can understand all the hoopla about the wedding of Charles and Di, even in the United States. Everyone loves a fairy tale. You had this beautiful blonde princess about to marry her prince. As little girls we're raised to believe that one day we will meet our Prince Charming and we will live happily ever after. The media presented this as some modern-day real-life fairy tale come true and the public ate it up with a spoon. However, we now know this was no fairy tale, so shouldn't the thrill be gone?

The prince in this story was in love with his married ex-girlfriend. The princess learned the truth and was miserable. She eventually divorced the prince, hoping to find her real Prince Charming.  But there was to be no happy ending for this princess, as she died tragically young. In short, this was no fairy tale romance with a happily ever after, unless you count Charles finally being able to marry the woman he really loved, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

To a lesser degree, Prince Andrew and Fergie's wedding was treated with the same hoopla. Of course, this was before Charles and Di's marriage crashed and burned, so the myth of the fairy tale royal romance was still viable. Unfortunately, their marriage didn't turn out any better, and that ended in divorce, as well. So considering the failure of both of these fairy tale royal romances, why is the media still trying to sell the tarnished myth of the fairy tale royal romance. Why all the hoopla over the wedding of William and Kate.

Granted, William and Kate have taken the time to really know each other before heading to the altar. That may help make their marriage escape the royal wedding curse. It may make it a success unlike his parents and uncle's marriage. William didn't find a bride that met all the criteria to be his royal bride. He's marrying a woman he's spent years getting to know and really knowing the person you marry can make the difference between a marriage being a success or failure. Still, with all the royal failures why is the public so fascinated with their upcoming marriage?

I can understand why this is a big thing over in England. This is Diana's son and these people are ruled by the monarchy. It plays a very large part in their lives. But why is the media in the US making such a big deal out of it. Didn't we leave England and come to America because we didn't want to live under the rule of the British monarchy? So why are we so into it here when one of the royals get married? It really has nothing to do with us.

I hope Will and Kate have a good marriage, but whether they marry or not is nothing to me. I'm just not that into it. I have a friend, however, that is very into it. She's even marked the date off on her calendar. She's very fascinated by the whole thing. She even asked me what I thought of William giving Kate Diana's engagement ring to wear. I told her I thought it was creepy and if it were me I wouldn't wear it. Talk about putting a black mark against your marriage before it even begins. Charles gave Diana that ring out of duty not love. I'd only wear some woman's engagement ring if that marriage had been happy. Not a ring where the marriage ended in divorce. Talk about bad karma.

I just don't think this wedding is worthy of the big fuss everyone is making out of it. William isn't king and won't be unless Charles dies. And Charles won't be king until his mother departs this mortal coil. So why not just let these two get married in peace without trying to turn it into a media circus. Why make such a big deal out of it.


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