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Prisoners Movie Imprisons the Viewer

Updated on September 25, 2013

In a single word that gives you an instant idea of a film's worth is: Hitchcock. As I sat there watching this 2 hr. 15 min movie, Prisoners, resembles the iconic Hitchcock- full of red herrings, dead end paths for the viewer to bite into, believe, and then shocked when the truth is known. The viewer is immersed in two great acting performances of Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jackman plays the over the top vigilante when his daughter suddenly vanishes and a suspect seems to fit the bill. He crosses the line and kidnaps the suspect and proceeds to try to beat and torture the truth out of him, clearly breaking the law. Gyllenhall is the cop trying to solve the vanishing in a slow and methodical manner. At first, both are on the same side but as the movie moves along, Gyllenhaal begins to suspect Jackman of something because of his actions.

The viewer is totally sucked into what seems to be truth and one continues to wonder, "how is this going to end". Everything is high voltage. Jackman eventually begins to suspect another person and when he makes a visit to their home, he finds himself a victim. Of course, for the viewer, the revelation of who was behind the girl's disappearance is an eye opener and where the girl was hidden is as well, virtually in plain sight of when police first visited the home.

Jackman finds himself in the same spot his daughter was and luckily finds her whistle. I am being vague on purpose because the shock comes near the end of movie. Jackman could easily die there after being shot. Gyllenhaal makes a final visit to the residence, still not aware who he is dealing with. It is now that he becomes aware of who is the person behind the disappearance and in a shoot out he kills the person. But, what about Jackman?

The only thing Jackman has to save himself is the whistle. He blows it. Gyllenhaal is standing outside of the crime scene, staring out into the night. He wonders where Jackman is, what happened to him? There is a very faint sound of a whistle. He thinks it is the wind. Then, it happens again. He pauses. Then again!

Well, you know how it does end now. Just go see it and enjoy!


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