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Product Review Entertech Magic Sing Karaoke Systems

Updated on December 4, 2009

EG-18000 and ED-9000

While I was working in Iraq, I was introduced to the Entertech Karaoke System and fell in love with it at first site. Here was a system that was rucksack size, had over 2000 songs, and was scalable not only with more songs in English, but had chips available for Spanish, and Hindi. Hindi karaoke songs are hard to find in the US internet market, but the Sub Contract Workers (SCW) that worked on our camps doing the hard labor, would party like it was 1999 when they had a chance to sing their songs.

The primary difference between the EG-18000 and the ED9000 is the additional wireless mic that comes with the EG-18000; and for the price difference of only $10 the EG-18000 is a real bargain. (Note: This was true at the time I originally wrote this; though it has changed, either way the system is still a bargain, 4 Dec 2009)The systems come with over 2000 songs built in, and the only additional equipment you’ll need is a TV set. They are great for small venue operations (Unit Day Rooms etc) but if you need to upscale it, the sound can be routed through any pa system that has RCA hookups.

If there is a Con to this system it is the background music. It is done with .midi files and sounds a bit like it’s routed through a calliope. Not what I would call ‘performance’ quality but not unpleasant to listen to either. Aside from that, this is a system that can put up with being hauled around in a rucksack, (mine was for three years), can connect to any AC power source (110-240v), has a great song book already done, and is very simple to operate.

If you want to get more complicated and record a performance you can hook it up to your computer via USB, and if you have a web cam or a video recorder you can put that image up on the graphics instead of the loaded backgrounds.

Both Systems have Key control, Tempo, and mic and background music volume control so you can mix it right at the mic. The other fun side of these systems are the scoring feature. So you can have Karaoke contests and eliminate the subjective judge. You can adjust the difficulty level, at the intermediate level it is very difficult to get a 100 on any song so it is a worthy judge.

So for a home system, or for small venue Karaoke, or hosting a Karaoke Contest, these systems really give you a bang for the buck. Were I in charge of MWR worldwide every Company Size unit would have one of these to deploy with, recognizing that music is a strong influence in the life of our warriors and some of the best and greatest stress relief is hamming it up for your Buddies. If you are looking for a system that can take the lickin’s and keep on ticking this is the one.

We Be Jammin’! All Day Long!


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