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Promote your music To the Internet

Updated on June 10, 2014
How To Promote your Music
How To Promote your Music | Source

One Way I Promote My Music ,Video

Promote your Music Online , Video Mine

Promote Your Music to The Internet

With all the home recording studios being purchased and set up in and around the Internet community learning how to promote your music to the internet is quite a challenge if you want to make money in this very competitive market .The promotion of your music can come from many angles, web pages, blogs, Mp3 sites, and advertisement.Most if not all the ways I just mentioned are free to an extent then you have to pay publishing fees and it can get very expensive in a market that is flooded with home brew music. I have heard a few of these bands lately as I have a site on where I sell my music, and there is some very fine talent out ready for airplay. The question is which way should you market your music is very confusing. All of the above need to be done and at one time, a Web page is a definate plus, blogging about your band or music, yet one market that is getting tapped and I have used it is You Third Largest search Engine in the world, and I think people as a whole forget that yes,it's a video site ,but how large a marketing site is and it's potential for not only distributing your music yet for affiliate marketing.

I didn't really catch on to this until about a year ago about You and marketing through the site, yet it's possibly the best and cheapest place to start any marketing campaign, even for a blogger promoting a site of writing, and yes I have used it for article writing also. The You market it tapped but it has not been thoroughly taken over by marketing as the other search engines spider their way through our writings. To Promote you Music, you do not have to spend thousands on production,and easily now you can obtain the basic camera for filming very cheap,for less than a couple hundred dollars, and is a good investment. I have utilized my Motion Picture camera and just filmed places I traveled to or Surfing videos make for great advertisement for a band , because there is movement and action from the surfing and your music can move right along side of a Surf Film. That is one way of promoting a song from your band our yourself. I will put one on that I have done, not that exciting, and the production value is not there,and I only did these because I could not get mp3s on my cheap website I have. I have writing jobs that pay and my music gets me money to save,not much mind you, sometimes I make 100 dollars a month other times 30 dollars a month from sales of mp3 music I sell on . If you need an example of a guy who does this for fun,myself, here is the url: and see my instant setup and yes it makes money without really trying.

My Music is so different and some may call it noise , yet I enjoy it and really like the idea of sharing thoughts with other musicians and Soundclick is not the only one out there,there are too many to list and really it makes no difference which one you use because they all have links to I-Tunes and unless your afraid of someone stealing your music, I am not discussing that topic,because when it comes to copyright infringement , the only time I would get mad if some million dollar company used my music for profit and did not share, Sound-click has a copyright area and a link to sell on I-tunes, but consider this when you promote your music , there are millions of wanna, be musician's and several thousand styles , it's almost fun to listed to some of the things people come up with and it will give you, the artist a template to use sometimes in your own endeavors in music.

To sum it up on promotion of your home grown music, don't quit your day job and if you have and plan to make money on the Internet, keep in mind all the sites that sell other people's tunes as well, and to put yourself ahead of them, I suggest you start on You and get a following, and build pages, hub pages,any type of information selling you can think of,and time and you will promote your music to the best available options the Internet has to offer,everyone can be a Rock Star these days. The advent of the Home studio has made us digital music masters, use it to the best of your knowledge and good luck.

Christopher Hyer2.24.2011


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