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Indie Music Publicity and Promotion on the Web

Updated on July 28, 2011

Two Artist's Promoting Their Indie Music

Becca Ayers and Bradley Dean Whyte are two indie rock musicians, both with solo careers and a collaborative album between them. Neither of them are signed to a major record label, yet both are able to create a fan base, fill performance venues, sell CD's and downloads of their music and even sell merchandise.

They've both been plugging away at creating amazing music and becoming more and more skilled at performing out. Aside from that, they've both invested a tremendous amount of time promoting themselves and have found some great avenues over the internet to help expand their fan base.

Indie Pop Sensation - Becca Ayers

Becca Ayers photo by Ted D'ottavio
Becca Ayers photo by Ted D'ottavio
Becca Ayers  photo by Laura Marie Duncan
Becca Ayers photo by Laura Marie Duncan
Becca Ayers  photo by Laura Marie Duncan
Becca Ayers photo by Laura Marie Duncan
Becca Ayers  photo by Laura Marie Duncan
Becca Ayers photo by Laura Marie Duncan
Ayers & Whyte "Singles" Collaboration Photo by Laura Spector
Ayers & Whyte "Singles" Collaboration Photo by Laura Spector

Indie Pop Sensation - Bradley Dean Whyte

Bradley Dean Whyte Photo by Laura Spector
Bradley Dean Whyte Photo by Laura Spector
Bradley Dean Whyte - Eleven Demos Album
Bradley Dean Whyte - Eleven Demos Album
Bradley Dean Whyte - Motion Picture Soundtrack Album Artwork by Chadwick & Spector
Bradley Dean Whyte - Motion Picture Soundtrack Album Artwork by Chadwick & Spector
Bradley Dean Whyte Performing Photo by Laura Spector
Bradley Dean Whyte Performing Photo by Laura Spector

Indie Music Promotion

There are many ways to market your own independent music without the help of a record label. Of course, it's always helpful if you get signed, but until you do, take matters into your own hands. With so many tools on the internet, a little bit of persistence and a lot of organizing go a long way toward a solid fan base.

The following is a list of free resources to use to start spreading your music and information about you and your band.

Basic web platforms which are easy to use: - this is an oldie but a goodie. Even though this site is not nearly as popular as it was pre-Facebook, it still allows you to post a music player. You can also allow fans the option of 1.just listening to your tunes 2.downloading your tunes for free, or 3. having fans purchase downloads of your music. This is also a good place to list show dates and advertise for tours and get fan feedback.

Example of a myspace page for Indie Artist Becca Ayers:

Example of a myspace page for Indie Artist Bradley Dean Whyte:

There is an option for you to put up a SnoCap account for people to purchase your music for download as well. You set your own prices. This is an alternative to iTunes and is a great alternative for indie musicians to sell their work. You do need to meet a minimum amount before SnoCap will release funds to you.

MySpace also allows for photos, networking and most importantly a link that you can use on any website. And, because it's such a popular platform, if someone types in your name or your band's name, it will come up first.

YouTube - make a video of your music and put it out there. Even if it's just a still photograph for the lenght of your song - do it. Because, you can post a link to this "video" everywhere!!! Of course, the more interesting the video or image is, the more people will look at it and pass it around. Music is also a visual outlet. So, if you are friends with visual artists, graphic designers, phographers, filmmakers - trade and barter with them for help.

Facebook - is only good for networking and posting links to your friends. It's as good as your friend list is. You can make a fan page, though most people are kind of bored with fan pages on Facebook. You can embed videos on your facepage, but there is no music player option.

HubPages - is a wonderful place to put up any type of writing. From "how to" articles, to lyrics of songs or even interviews with other industry artists - there's a solid and supportive base of fans waiting for new entertainment and information and above average writing.

WordPress - is as good as a website. A higher calibre of people will go here to read your blogs and listen to any uploaded videos that you have. You can link videos from YouTube here. Deck this page out and keep it updated. When you have fans that want to follow your latest all night party or what famous celebrity you hooked up with at your last gig - this is the place they'll go. This also links to all major outlets - ie Twitter...

Website- If you don't have one - get one and link all of the above outlets to it. Fans and customers are looking for an easy way to follow your music and see what you're up to. They may even buy a shirt from you!

Zazzle - (this link is an example from my own work) This is a place to upload your own images and make merchandise from them. Imagine your band photo on anything from fashion t-shirts to aprons, skateboards and even Keds sneakers and postage stamps. It's pay per order and you get a percentage that you choose from each product, which is deposited via PayPal. This is a great place for people to shop for holiday and birthday gifts. And, you know if you put stuff up here your parents will buy it. Similar to SnoCap, and even AdSense on HubPages - you need to meet a minimum amount to receive a payout.

Cafe Press - This is similar to Zazzle. Many artists are on this site and there's even a wider range of products to put your stuff on. Sometimes it's a bit like a labyrinth. When I've used it in the past I had a meltdown deciding if people would really buy my artwork on bibs, or if I should stick to refrigerator magnets?

Indie Merch Store - As the name suggests it's merchandise that is specifically for indie musicians. This store is special because there is a limit as to how many bands can get on it. You need to apply and wait. They are also pay per order and sell lots of clothing


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    • Laura Spector profile image

      Laura Spector 8 years ago from Chiang Mai, Thailand

      Thanks Katrina! There's more information on this subject to come.

    • Katrina Ariel profile image

      Katrina Ariel 8 years ago from The Highlands of British Columbia, Canada

      It's great to see indie artists doing well and not under the control of labels and big corporations. Great hub!


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