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The birth of Freddy Krueger and his life explained!

Updated on October 7, 2020

Freddy Krueger has a big following and a devoted fan base.

Even though horror fans love this character, he was evil, sick, and lived a disgusting life. This demon of dream land was once a horrible person and an predator that needed to be taken down permanently. The neighborhood parents, including a police officer, came together and burned Freddy alive. No one could have known how big of a mistake that was. Because, even though he died in that fire, Mr. Krueger came back as a super natural murder that stalked those parents' children in there dreams. If Freddy caught and murderer you in your dreams, your body will be found in that condition in real life.

This set up a terrifying serious of movies that allowed the main character to pile up the murders on Elm Street. Yes the murders were graphic and brutal, but that didn't stop Freaky Fred from making sadistic jokes when he struck his prey. That is one of the things that separated him from other serial killers. His dream surfing and "unique" face did not hurt that effort either.

Where did this nightmare all begin?

In A Nightmare on Elmstreet part 3 Dream Warriors, a ghost visited with one of Freddy's enemies and told him how the twisted dream demon came to be.

He saw a nun in the window of a wing of the Westin Hills mental institution. He broke in and sought the sister of the clothe to ask her some questions. That wing had been used for the worst of the criminally insane. She told the story of how a young lady who was accidentally locked inside over the Holidays. The residents of this mad house raped her over a hundred times. When the other staff found her she was barely alive and of course was pregnant. Amanda Krueger lived to give birth to the bastard son of 100 maniacs. Through no fault of her own, Sister Amanda Krueger gave birth to an evil that would haunt Elmstreet and Hollywood for decades. This explains the how he was a demented predator that committed unspeakable crimes against the many children he encountered. He was the spawn of diabolical and depraved lunatics. That of course is why he was killed. All of that lead to his return as an immortal serial killer.

How did he become immortal or supernatural?

When let go by the criminal courts over a technicality, the parents of his victims burned down his dwelling. In the last moments before his death, he was visited. Being that he was the most evil man alive, Krueger was chosen by a legion of dream demons. He was recruited to live on in the nightmares of those he had wanted revenge on. He agreed to the evil offer, and rose as a burnt creep that could stalk forever.


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