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Props And Homage To The late Songwriter/Musician, Tom Petty….

Updated on October 14, 2017

Props And Homage To The late Songwriter/Musician, Tom Petty….

When my favorite artist, Prince, died, I read where Tom Petty said that he had told Stevie Nicks that he, somehow, had the urge to call Prince, as though it was some sort of premonition of Prince’s pending death… however, Mr. Petty said that he never did make the call. Now a little over a year or so, Mr. Petty too has gone to the ‘Great Beyond’ and I thought that I should give ‘props’ and pay homage to this gifted song writer/musician for his contribution to that important area of the Arts. Incidentally, I want to thank you Dad for exposing me, as a young man, to a smorgasbord of different genres of music -- now, on to the props and homage to Mr. Tom Petty.

Years ago, I was watching the classic movie, Silence of The Lambs, staring Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jody Foster, and the opening of that movie had this anthem-like song, American Girl. Although the movie’s version of American Girl was not sung by Mr. Petty, my subsequent research enlightened me that it was, indeed, a classic Tom Petty song, who, incidentally, did an excellent toe-tapping job with his version -- see hyperlink at the end of this blog to prove my case.

Mr. Petty had the knack of writing songs with melodies that had you involuntarily tapping your toes; and it was not only his melodies, but it was also the lyrics of his songs that represented that area of the melting pot of Americana where he grew up and was residing; no less or more than what Ice Cube, Rage-Against-The-Machine, and Public Enemy did when they dropped an album. Take a gander to these lyrics from Petty’s, Free Falling:

She's a good girl, loves her mama

Loves Jesus and America too

Loves horses and her boyfriend too

All the vampires, walkin' through the valley

Move west down Ventura Blvd

And all the bad boys are standing in the shadows

And the good girls are home with broken hearts.

You may drill down in the hyperlink directly below to hear Petty’s, Free Falling in its entirety.

Tom Petty also had that ability to scare you and make you laugh simultaneously in his videos and lyrics too. In this very forum, a few months ago, I wrote a review for the brilliant scary movie, Get Out, where I used Tom Petty’s, Don’t Come Around Here No More -- a gem of song with an anthem-like melody, along with an accompanying video that was weird and scary at the same time, at least when it first aired. I do not want to give you the impression that Tom Petty was a musical island working by his lonesome -- he indeed had his helpers in the form of his band, The Heartbreakers. I would also be doing you a disservice if I did not mention the fact that Mr. Petty brilliantly moonlighted as one fifth of the Traveling Wilburys,(see hyperlink directly below with a couple of their songs), which was a make shift group of fellow musical superstars.;

Mr. Petty titled one of his hit songs -- Runnin’ Down A Dream -- he not only ran down the American dream, but said dream came to Midas fruition for him… with him leaving us a rich musical legacy. I hope that you are resting in peace Mr. Petty. As I was writing this blog this morn to pay homage to Mr. Petty, I was playing my favorite song of his, American Girl, in a loop -- see hyperlink to follow so that you may drill down and enjoy.


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