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Public Enemies; a review

Updated on December 19, 2009

Here's Johnny!

 Johnny Depp has done it again.  Every role this amazing actor plays, he becomes and you sit in awe believing that he is indeed John Dillinger in the new film, Public Enemies.  The movie opens with a bank robbery / jail break; both involving Depp and it is absolutely fascinating how believable Depp is, immersing himself into the 30's era, using a soft spoken, somewhat southern, somewhat Midwest accent.  Handsome, affable and rugged, Depp takes over the screen immediately and you don't seem to mind the fact his Dillinger character is killing people along the way.

Marion Cotillard is a perfect match for Dillinger's character as a lost bird in the big city; trying to make a life for herself and angered by prejudices cast her way.  Dillinger catches one glimpse of her and loses his heart and his gift of evasion because of his love for her.

Christian Bale, better known for his Batman movies, is very good as the top cop; who tries to bring down Dillinger and his gang member associates.   A cast full of actors and actresses; all very well chosen to play the parts make this movie exciting and raises your anticipation of what will occur next throughout this two and 1/2 hour film.  Sounds long, but moves along quickly; with many surprises along the way.

The end of Dillinger was saddening.  We all know he died by gunfire but many imagine that it was in a shoot out.  Without spoiling the ending for you, let's just say that you find yourself rooting for the enemy (Dillinger) and feel that justice was not served, rather warped in this emotional ending.

Out of five stars, I give Public Enemies 4 stars.  A great action/gangster movie that will make you feel as if you are living the era it depicts, as well as allowing you to see a side of a killer that makes you want to befriend him.


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