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Business Mascot Attacked

Updated on September 27, 2010

Business Mascot Attacked

"Ya see it was like this. Me and my friend Stu were talking about things we didn't like and the subject of mascots came up. We don't like them. They are all inflated or furry and have eyes that look at you out of their mouths. We got ourselves pretty worked up about the mascots. So we decided to go on a mascot beating spree. First, we just pushed this guy down wearing a sign promoting the Deli around the corner and then said some offensive remarks to him. But then we came across this Sporty guy. He was all inflated and looking smug like he was better than us.  He kept waving at us and other passerbys - I didn't like the way his head bobbed all mocking like and such. He had unusually kempt hair. Probably because it was painted onto his plastic inflated bobbily head. So me and Stu we started commencing to beat on Sporty and worked him over pretty good too. Me and Stu did a number on him although it was hard to make much impact with him being inflated and all.  After we roughed him up some we then just rolled him around for awhile.  If he weren't injured then he sure had to be feeling sour in the stomach. Right now we are heading for Great America. Stu doesn't like Bugs Bunny and I'm not partial to Elmer Fudd."

More Senseless Mascot Violence - Possible Retaliation Motive Against Sporty?

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    • profile image

      cosette 8 years ago

      yeah, that's pretty weird all right. you made me think of a great hub just now. thanks! p.s. i like this one. you write about really interesting stuff, and put a unique spin on it.

    • JBeadle profile image

      JBeadle 8 years ago from Midwest

      I'm not sure why I find this sporty guy so amusing. Make no mistake, I don't find the attack amusing. Well, a bit - but only because the guy in the "sporty" suit was not harmed. It just made me wonder why anyone would attack a mascot?