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Thanksgiving Wednesday

Updated on November 16, 2011

Can't Avoid Going To The Grocery Store Wed Before TurkeyDay

I'm 46 and I would think that by now I'd have been able to avoid going to the grocery store on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. But I have not. Not once. Not since I became the "go-for" guy.

I think I became the go and get it guy just after I was able to drive by myself. It was a trick. I thought it was a good idea then. I got to drive so it was worth going and getting whatever my mom needed but now I don't care. Now I'm an adult and I drive all the time.

Why can't I make my son be the go-fer guy? None of this helps. Not of it helps me avoid going to that damn store on Wed. I'd even go late Tuesday and it wouldn't be so croweded. But no because when Wed arrives something is missing. Egg nog maybe. I have to go then. 'Cause I need nog on T-Day. Or yams. I could do without a yam. We have potatos but no no Cousin Rasta must have his yams.

So fine, I'll go because otherwise the holiday may be tanked. Ruined by my refusal to go to the store because I'd worked so hard not to. I mean, I've tried to create lists for a trip say on Monday or Tuesday that would complete all the missing items. I think hard about what I've missed in the previous 10-15 years of Thanksgivings. But it just doesn't matter. You may as well be resigned to it. If you are the one who does that "last minute run to the store", which if you are that person, then you are painfully aware of how you just have to go do that with a smile because if you belly ache... it is only going to make it worse.

Just go and don't be a jerk. Just go get the crap you tried so hard not to forget. It doesn't take that long. You get out of the house. It's just a handful of minutes on a Wednesday for crying out loud. Because afterall, besides washing the turkey and slathering it up with butter and some salt and putting it in the pan, my Thanksgiving is cake. After I bathe the bird, I'm getting ready for 90 minutes of football pregame and 9-10 hours of NFL football after that. Possibly followed by the post game shows. If I'm awake and not napping by then or just in a full out over indulgence turkey coma. My job is to eat. I get to eat. How bad is that? I'm responsible for eating, washing the bird and watching football on Thursday. So I shouldn't bitch but still it would be nice to avoid going on Wednesday just one time and not having to be in the crowded grocery store with all the other pathetic "go-for" men, the women who can't boss around their men and for some reason throngs of old people.

Maybe next year...


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    • JBeadle profile image

      JBeadle 22 months ago from Midwest

      Enough with the yams!!!!! Oh, I guess that was 5 years ago. I still have to go to the store tonight. Some things never change.

    • JBeadle profile image

      JBeadle 6 years ago from Midwest

      I forgot to tell you this last year... SHUT UP!!!! I got the damn yams. This year and every year!!!!