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Quiz - How Much Do You Know About Improv Comedy?

Updated on November 20, 2012

Improv Comedy Is Often Enjoyed, But Sometimes Misunderstood

Improvisational comedy, or improv, is an exciting art form in which a group of actors work together to create scenes, stories and realities that have never existed before. Many people think, "Oh, I could never do that," but actually you do it every day! Every utterance and interaction you have is new and you are, in fact, creating it as you go along, just like the improv actors do. The main difference is that the actors have had more training. Think you know what improv's all about? Take this quiz!


90-100 percent: You're a pro! If you're not already performing improv or at least taking classes, you should. You understand what it takes to be great.

75-89 percent: You aren't completely there yet, but you have some grasp of what improv is all about. Take a class or two to get up to performance level.

50-74 percent: You haven't been exposed to very much improv before, but that's no reason you can't learn more and become a great performer down the road. Classes can really help.

0-49 percent: Ok, so you're a beginner. You start with a huge advantage: you're a blank slate and don't have to unlearn any mistakes. You may be surprised to discover that local improv classes are very supportive and will not make you feel stupid. On the contrary, they will empower you to experiment and, most importantly, you will have lots of fun!

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