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R. Kelly: "The World's Greatest"

Updated on February 21, 2013

Soundtrack to the film 'Ali'

The Song that We All Need.

If your hungry and want to be successful and want the whole world wrapped on your finger, then this is the song for you.

This is easily one of the best R Kelly songs out there and probably one of the more legendary ones too (definitely the best in the R Kelly Chocolate Factory album). I mean it was the soundtrack for the Will Smith flick 'Ali' about the world's greatest Muhammad Ali!

One has to remember that it was really Ali that transformed the black athlete and made way for sports as we know it today with all the merchandise being sold and the advertising, etc. In that way, this is such great appreciation for one of the greatest of all time brought to you by one of the best in R&B.

It's the Mindset that Counts

Whether your up or down, rich or poor, champion or not, it is the attitude and the mindset that matters the most. The best way to influence how you are feeling (a great part of what makes one the world's greatest) is the music that goes into our ears.

The nice thing about this R Kelly song is that as motivating as it is, it is also great to put you in chill out mode.

Ranks up there in the Greatest hits by R Kelly

'In the closet' by R Kelly does not even come close to this masterpiece. I did love the video the song in addition to the R Kelly lyrics that we have so come to love. In addition to these awesome lyrics, we have the trademark choir and also the vocal skills that Kelly is so renowned for.

R Kelly or Kelly R, this is one of those really once in a lifetime songs; we do have the lyrics to the world's greatest right here.


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