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RAV 2: Minions

Updated on March 24, 2022

Rebel Angel Reviews - Minions (2015)

Hello, this is the Rebel Angel, bringing you the Best of Heaven and the Worst of Hell. Now, who remembers the movie, Despicable Me? A better question is, WHO DOESN'T? This Illumination Entertainment powerhouse made a lot of money, warranting a sequel, which was more successful, a ride at Universal Studios, and a playable app on Windows 8, or cellphones and tablets! But the real memory comes from those little yellow dudes, the Minions! Who doesn't love those little guys? However, there were some questions. Where did the Minions come from? Were they born, or made? Are they aliens? Well, that's where today's review material comes into play. The spinoff/prequel to the Despicable Me movies, Minions! Now, as always, SPOILERS if you haven't seen the movie yet.

Our movie begins with the evolution of the Minions. That's right. Minions have been around since the DAWN OF TIME! Not bad, huh? Anyway, they evolve from single cells into the little yellow dudes we know and love, complete with goggles. Now, apparantly, Minions have one goal, to find the biggest, baddest creature and serve him. And so they do. Unfortunately... keeping a boss isn't easy. No matter what, the bosses they get always seem to end up meeting a horrible demise, unintentionally caused by the Minions of course. However, when they finally send Napoleon to his doom at Waterloo, or some other place, I don't know, they isolate themselves from the world, and hole up in Antarctica, making a new life for themselves... however, this new life is still void of a boss. So, three brave Minons, Stuart, a guitar obsessed, lazy teenager, Bob, a young, energetic but naive minion, and Kevin the leader of these three, go forth to find the best boss in the world! The journey is long and arduous, but eventually, they make it to New York City, in 1968!

Of course, being Minions, they're easily distracted by the wonders of the big city, so, when they end up staying the night at a department store, they catch wind of something called VillainCon, happening in Orlando, Florida, where the most powerful villain of that time, Scarlet Overkill is scheduled to make an appearance! The Minions now have their objective! So, they leave the store, and hitchhike, being picked up by a family who look pretty normal, but turn out to be villains too, and going to the SAME convention they're going to!

So, after a joke about Orlando not being built yet, we see VillainCon, hidden underneath the cover of a bait shop. We see various villains, including a cameo by a young Dr. Nefario, showing off his new Freeze Ray technology. Eventually, we see Scarlet Overkill, played by Sandra Bullock, and she lives up to the reputation of world's greatest villain. And also apparantly, she is the world's first FEMALE villain. She offers the various villains a chance to work for her, and all they have to do is steal a simple ruby. But of course, Scarlet is no pushover, and manages to hold off the various villains, but after Bob loses his teddy bear in the skirmish, we find that Bob accidentally swallowed the ruby, and secured the Minions a new boss! So Scarlet takes them back to England, and her lavish home.

Meanwhile, the Minions back in the Arctic are still miserable, until they find a tribe of Yeti! They think they've found their new boss, but of course, during Kevin's phone call to the Minions, and a rather rousing Minion version of "Make 'em Laugh," the Yeti leader is killed by a large ice rock falling on him, and the Minions head to England, before they get mauled! Back with our trio, they're told that they are to steal the Queen of England's crown, for Scarlet, and during a rather disturbing bedtime story, Scarlet tells them that if they mess it up, or fail, they will be BLOWN OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH! Kevin and Stuart are scared, but Bob just falls asleep to this.

The next day, after getting equipment from Herb Overkill, Scarlet's husband, they prepare to head to the Tower of London, and prepare to steal the Crown Jewels. After hypnotizing the guards with a Hypnohat to perform a Minion version of "Hair", they face their most dreaded obstacle, an old blind man who guards the jewels. Unfortunately, it ends up as a chase across London, as the Minions try to steal the crown from the Queen herself, all culminating in Bob, using Herb's Stretch Suit to pull Excalibur from its stone, and become King of England! This of course makes Scarlet furious, and she threatens to KILL the Minions, but they abdicate in order to try and save their lives. However, Scarlet decides to lock them in the Torture Chamber, where... well, they don't necessarily get TORTURED, but instead play around with the various tools! Soon, Herb leaves the torture room, in order to help his wife get ready for her coronation, leaving the Minions to escape and try to find Scarlet to apologize. However, they just end up making her EVEN ANGRIER, and sending every villain in attendance after them! Kevin is the only one to escape, but is offered an ultimatum, show up before dawn, or his friends get blown sky high.

The next morning, Kevin returns to the Overkill mansion, to load up for battle, but is almost killed by the villains... if not for the "secret weapon" that turns Kevin into a GIANT! So, to make a long story short, (too late) Kevin saves the Minions, the other Minions arrive in London, the trio are given rewards for their service to the crown, and Scarlet tries to steal the crown again, only to be stopped by....

A YOUNG GRU! That's right! The Minions see their future boss as a child! And decide to pursue him in the hopes of gaining his employ! And so began... Despicable Me!

So, how was the movie? GREAT! Perfect in every detail!


  • Animation is always perfect.
  • The trio of main Minions are funny and have great personalities.
  • Scarlet is a perfect main baddy.


  • Not really much I can say!

I give Minions 5 out of 5! And so... I say to you, in Minion Language... Poopaye! (Goodbye!)

5 stars for Minions (2015)

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