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Updated on February 18, 2012
Missing Whitney
Missing Whitney | Source
Launch To Superstar Status
Launch To Superstar Status | Source
Whitney's Last Interview With Shaun Robinson
Whitney's Last Interview With Shaun Robinson | Source
Mom and Daughter
Mom and Daughter | Source

A Tribute To A Superstar!

Many of us who witnessed this budding gem, on the Merv Griffin Show in 1985, have been fans from the start. We have watched her grow and rise to Superstar status as her life was broadcasted in the media. The Internet gave us, all, the ability to view repeated ups and downs as this United States icon struggled to embraced fame, fortune and ALL of the positives and negatives surrounding celebrity. She has achieved successes that are unmatched.

Today she will receive a true Homegoing ceremony at her childhood church surrounded by family and friends and entertainers. Most of us are STILL in shock. Others keep talking about her demise .... as if they knew her. She was human. She had her weaknesses like many of us. She stumbled, fell and picked herself up to start over again. Despite her struggles, she had a talent that has not been surpassed.

Whitney was loved. She will be missed. May she FOREVER rest in peace. May her darling daughter, Bobbi Kristina, be surrounded by those who have her best interests at heart, who will nurture her, love her and who will allow her to grow and learn from her mother's lessons. May she forever lean upon Jesus who will ultimately be her Protector.

Yes, Whitney. Jesus DOES love you. He loaned you to us and we appreciate how you made us feel. When we felt your harmonious melodies deep within our souls, we ALL knew how special you were and what a blessing it was to hear your Voice. God knows best and summoned you, one of his angelic children, back home to forever sing in His heavenly choir.

Words can barely express how I, personally, feel. I do KNOW that it seems like I have lost a family member. Below is my tribute:

A Tribute To A Superstar!

Beauty and Grace ...

Sometimes misplaced ...

Led to some falls ...

To some miscalls

That some reported ...

Others exploited.

Beauty and Poise

And ALL that noise!





Beauty and Fame

Sometimes untamed ...

Too much too soon?

Over the moon?

Paparazzi ...

For ALL to see!

Beauty and Doom

Sadness and gloom.

Spiraling down

Among the frowns.

What an abyss!

Recover? FROM THIS???!!!


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