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Race to Witch Mountain

Updated on September 10, 2013
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Movie Review

Disney Productions once again with the 2009 release of Race to Witch Mountain has proven re-makes of older Disney movies can be fun, exciting and as great as the predecessor. This Science Fiction film, on its own, delivers a good time with superior special effects. Race to Witch Mountain is as entertaining as Escape from Witch Mountain (released 1975).

Race to Witch Mountain is about two extra-terrestrial teenage siblings, Sara and Seth (played by AnnaSophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig), who visit Earth to locate a device that will save their planet's life from extinction. It is imperative these two find the device before the warrior Syphon (also from their home world) does in order to save their parents from the prison they are interred on their home world and all existing on their planet. This further includes the rescue of Earth from an extra-terrestrial military invasion.

Jack Bruno (portrayed by Dwayne Johnson) is a very reluctant taxi cab driver who ends up assisting Seth and Sarah; caring about them and saving them from government study. Race to Witch Mountain brings up that teens are the same, no matter where they come from; even outer-space. When it comes to saving two planets simultaneously one needs all the help they can get, even if it comes from earthlings and a dog named Junkyard (expertly played by Buck).

The primary cast further included: Carla Gugimo (Dr. Alex Friedman, a UFO Specialist), Cirran Hinds (Burke, in charge of extra-terrestrial government study program of the United States), Gary Marshall (Dr. Donald Harlan, UFO expert and book writer about extra-terrestrials), Tom Woodruff, Jr. (Syphon), Cheech Marin (Eddie Cortez, garage mechanic who would only work for three times his wages) and Jack Eastland (General E. Alpert).

Race to Witch Mountain is 1 hour and 39 minutes in length. It is rated PG plus available on DVD. Parents might wish to preview this movie first; especially if considering sharing with their children who are under 8 years of age. There are a few scenes younger children find confusing or frightening.

Race to Witch Mountain is more modern in comparison to its predecessor Escape from Witch Mountain. This is definitely a good family film one can feel good in recommending to others for a great family experience. Are you a kid at heart or love Science Fiction? Then give this movie a chance – it just might surprise you. Enjoy!

4 stars for Race to Witch Mountain


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