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Rachel Rekkit's Sonic Revolution Part II: An Interview with Guild X-79

Updated on February 3, 2016
A star with Guild X-79 and Rachel Rekkit
A star with Guild X-79 and Rachel Rekkit

Guitars And Their Stars

It's rare for a guitar to be recognized without it's "player". There is Brian May's "Red Special". B.B. King has "Lucille". And Rachel Rekkit has "Guild X-79".

Or maybe Guild X-79 has Rachel Rekkit. Sometimes it's hard to tell who's playing who. Guild X-79 has the attitude, charisma and ego to match any guitar player I've ever met, including Rekkit. As Crashdollz' bassist, I get a front row seat to this symbiotic relationship. They have a great chemistry. Similar to fire and gasoline.

Because of my position in the band, I'm often able to have a quick chat with X-79 when Rachel steps out for a "smoke" as she calls it....

What I get is an unfiltered conversation with an outspoken, misogynistic, and incredibly arrogant guitar.... Guild X-79.

Rekkit on X-79: "I'd tap that"
Rekkit on X-79: "I'd tap that" | Source

Early Years

Details are sketchy, but Guild X-79 was evidently born in 1979. and maybe the early '80's A limited edition, with two XR-7 pickups and a SP-5 tailpiece. It's rumored that X-79 was groomed from day one to compete with Flying V from that snooty, and highly successful Gibson family. I think this is where the arrogant attitude comes in.

X-79 On Love At First Sight:

“I was being man-handled by some heavy-metal meat-head who couldn't even play "I'm The One" from Van Halen. AND he thought I looked stupid! Rachel came backstage at a show and begged to just hold me. It was definitely love at first sight for both of us, and luckily the meat-head was cool enough to give me to her right then and there. I think Rekkit had to do something with him for me, but she's never talked about it. We were passionate and happy, but like many great love affairs, over time we both realized that we kind of hated each other despite being made for each other. For the record, I think Rachel Rekkit from CrashDollz is a pushy, mentally unstable, egotistical, control freak bitch but I love her to death“.

Who's The Player And Who Gets Played?

“Rekkit plays other guitars and she sounds like Tiny Tim on a ukulele. She is nothing without me. She does make me screech and moan in ways I never knew I could do though, so I guess we influence each other. I know I wouldn't have all of these fucking Hello Kitty stickers on me if it wasn't for her. I also wouldn’t have been set on fire, or have my headstock cracked, or have gouges and cracks in me….. or have the paint on my neck worn down where she's played me so much. From what I've seen, Rekkit uses all the guys in her life pretty hard“.

Rated X-79
Rated X-79 | Source

On Jessica RedGuild:

“That dumb bitch came onto the CrashDollz scene a couple of years ago and thought she was gonna be the star. She's a Guild X-79 too, and her and I had a brief fling but she was a total psycho and I could not deal. Her last words to me were "You made me hate men forever, you're such a mean prick!" hahaha Jessica is in love with Rachel now, but she hasn't done the road work with Rekkit that I've done. Also Jessica is now a lesbian and although I like to watch the action, Rekkit just doesn't go that way. Rekkit caresses me with love, loathing and passion. She holds Jessica like she hopes she doesn't get cooties“.

A rare pic of Jessica Redguild.
A rare pic of Jessica Redguild. | Source

On Being Dumped By Rachel:

“That better not happen!! First, if Rekkit dumps me, I get HALF!! Half of everything!! She would be paying so much in alimony…. I know she doesn't want that and second, I know and Rekkit knows, she can't play like she does without me. She better hope I don't leave HER!. Don't think I haven't had offers“.

Always Talking About "Connections"

“My main connection is an old Marshall JCM-800 Lead Series 100 watt amp. I connect straight into a Boss Metal Zone pedal, then into a Digitech RP1000 pedal board, but my main man is that Marshall. Rekkit won the lottery when she found that amp. We make amazing sounds together, even when Rekkit is passed out on the floor of the studio“.

On Personal Responsibility And Why Everyone Loves The Guitar:

“In a rock band and in the simplest terms, the guitar props up the vocals and the bass guitar props up the guitar and the drums prop up the bass guitar. There is a lot more to it of course, but that's the simplest way to describe the surface role of a guitar in a rock band. My job is to make Nikki Darling a star. The other instruments don't have that direct responsibility. The guitar has to make the most important thing in a rock band (the singer) sound amazing. However, within rock music, guitar has always been a big part of the appeal. Every person with an ear for guitar has those special guitar riffs or solos or fills that make the hair on the back of their neck stand up. In CrashDollz, I do a few things that do that and have that "Holy Shit!" appeal. Why people like guitar players is a mystery to me, and why anyone likes Rekkit is totally beyond me. If people only knew what a dork that chick is! People should focus more love and adoration on the guitar, not the player“.

So, there you have it.... snippets of conversations with one of the most interesting guitars I've ever met. X-79 seems to loosen up just a bit when Rachel is on one of her "breaks" as she calls them...

In addition to being a bad-ass punk rock guitarist from Detroit, Rachel Rekkit is also a sweetheart of a person, and my interaction with Guild X-79 is mostly a working relationship. So, I don't know who to believe.....

I know the battle-scarred guitar has a million stories to tell, and I have asked X-79 what Rekkit is up to when she has to "step out for a minute" as she calls it.....but I'll be damned if not every time I ask that question we hear those high heeled boots coming down the stairs to the Crash Cave. And with that, Guild X-79 is all business again, but not before giving me one last blast of dissonance -

"Trust me! I'll tell you everything I know about that *(censored) and what she's really like! I'm talking - You've just got to listen to the songs! Listen to the fucking songs!"


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