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Racism in Naruto

Updated on June 5, 2017

Hidden Leaf Village

The Hidden leaf Village is quite racist though not the most racist. Most of their hatred is not directed towards other countries but, rather directed towards one clan called the uchiha. They were often suspicious of them due to past conflicts. They made rules and regulations to shun the uchiha. Whenever an uchiha was due for a promotion, they would delay it or stop it all together. Fearful for the retaliation of that clan they constantly monitored their every actions and finally they allowed the absolute destruction of the clan to happen in one night.

Hidden Sand village

The hidden sand has very few problems with the other nations. Also many of the other nations don't have very much of a problem with them( in comparison to their relationship with the others). This is primarily because the hidden sand is tucked away in a desolate corner of the world that nobody wants occupy anyway.

The sand does have problems with the hidden stone. This is due to their close proximity to one another. Sunagakure, never misses a chance to lash out at the hidden stone whether it be in a verbal argument, a minor skirmish, or a mass scale invasion.

Hidden Mist Village

Of all the villages, the hidden mist is probably the most racist of all the 5 great nations. They are have shown racism towards other countries and selected members of their own whom were completely innocent

Kirigakure is a breeding ground for racism towards other countries. This is primarily because it is an isolationist state. They try not to get into the affairs of other nations. It has caused them less conflict over the years but, the lack of exposure to foreign culture causes an intolerance for those whom they don't understand or are afraid of.

An incident called "the tragedy of Yosuga Pass" occurred when the hidden stone betrayed the mist. Since then the Mist has labeled all stone ninja as "Lawless thugs who don't know how to follow rules"

Kirigakure also committed mass genocide in their own country. Shortly after the 3rd great ninja war, they began to fear those with Kekkei Genkai. Every race and subdividision of people within their own country with these special powers were brutally slaughtered with no remorse.

Hidden Cloud Village

The Hidden Cloud can seem innocent in comparison to the other 5 great nations however, they are also extremely guilty of massive racism and they often times are understandably provoked( though not justifiably).

The Majority of Kumogakure's conflict and hatred is directed at the hidden leaf village. Kumo has had more documented skirmishes and wars with konoha than any of the other nations. As a matter of fact excluding the, undocumented wars between the hidden sand and the hidden stone, the hidden cloud and the hidden leaf have had the most fights to date.

The hatred that the hidden cloud is evident in that they bad mouthed leaf ninjas just before the 4th great ninja war and whenever konoha and kumo are in conflict or near conflict, hidden cloud ninja are eager to konoha. Meanwhile, they are picky and choosy about the skirmishes they have with other countries.

Hidden Stone Village

The Hidden Stone is a very unlikable village. They have drawn the attention and disdain of 3 of the other 5 great nations. They also have disdain for these 2 of those nations. Though their wars are not necessarily documented, they have been in more wars than any other nation and it shows as they can hold their own against any other 2 nations at the same time.

The hidden stone often has hatred and disdain towards the hidden sand. They have a long history of full-on wars with each other due to the close proximity of their nations. The hidden stone ninja are always eager to fight hidden sand ninja and they always have a nasty word or two for them whenever they meet.

The Hidden sand also has problems with the hidden leaf due to their history of wars and relatively close proximity. Though they are not exactly on the borders of konoha like they are with suna their closeness in physical location brings lots of wars between them konoha and the surrounding countries.


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    • nipster profile image

      nipster 8 months ago

      Titus, I think Racism is a good word because, they would often discriminate on each other based on their races. It was easy for them to tell what country they came from simply by the way they looked. I do however believe nationalism is a very accurate word. thanks for stopping by.

    • Titus Maximus profile image

      Titus Maximus 8 months ago

      Pretty good article, although I would argue racism is the wrong word for some of those interactions (e.g.Village vs Village would be nationalism).

    • nipster profile image

      nipster 8 months ago

      Yeah it's an unfortunate part of life...even cartoon life. What do you like? Any suggestions?

    • Icankbelandean profile image

      Icankbelandean 8 months ago from Indonesia

      Racism..I no like.