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Racist Hollywood Can’t Break the 20% Casting Rule: Out Sourcing Hollywood

Updated on January 17, 2012

Should Hollywood Be Outsourced?

After watching the Golden Globes arrogant insensitive decadent display of wealth knowing full well children were being sold into prostitution for food right outside of Hollywood was what I loath about the Democratic Party entirely. And they ate, drank and were merry and it made me wonder if all of those actors were over paid, unpatriotic, anti-American, anti-Israel who should be outsourced immediately. For all the humanitarian work Hollywood claims to do it is very rarely ever with their own money but they lean on the average person to donate and then claim tax shelters so they can hoard their wealth. I remember after the earthquake in Haiti happened. I have spent over 11 years caring for a medically fragile child who also has autism without a day off and I also cared for my Mother with end stage cancer and I got a call from Hollywood. We want your donation. Julia Roberts makes 20 million dollars a picture. Cut a check Julia and stop bothering me. Leonardo Dicaprio makes 90 million dollars a picture but I have noticed he is wise enough not to call my house for money.

So Hollywood personifies what I hate about the Democratic Party which is their complete hatred of this country.

And finally Hollywood acknowledged some black actors and actresses in their awards ceremony. But they have stuck to their firm rule of not hiring a cast of more then 20% black people with the except of a few movies. Movies which I love might I add like the Color Purple. Mark Walhberg is about the only Hollywood actor I have seen that breaks the 20% rule in his roles in movies. Even the infamous George Clooney in his Oceans series sticks to the 20% rules. So I found it more then incredulous that on the eve of MLK day Hollywood claims they have lead the country integration. Please Hollywood and in particular the movie industry can’t break the 20% rule and before the 1980(s) the only time a black actor could get a job was as a criminal. Hollywood is part of the problem. So I say dump the fascist brew with the exception of Mark Walhberg and Leonardo DiCaprio who seem to have enough sense not to pretend to be humanitarians and are willing to work in integrated films.

But I also think that Hollywood could easily find actors who would work for far less money, who are sensitive to Americans and Israel that could pay their taxes and work in integrated films. Personally I would recruit actors from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Indochina, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, South America and India. I would also recruit from Africa as there are many very talented people who could carry these films as well as these just as well and be loyal to America and Israel while paying their taxes in the USA.

It is obscene to make 20 million dollars for 3 months work. No one is that talented. The president of the United States doesn’t make that kind of money. And then to knuckle over the average person for your own personal charity when you have millions if not billions of dollars in tax evasion schemes is just ridiculous. Most of the actors haven’t even graduated from college.

Barack Obama speaks about this country having a share plight. Well if Barack Obama was serious then he would make certain those communists in Hollywood feel the pain just as much as the rest of us. And they don’t. If anything Hollywood has made more money off this war and both George Bush and Barack Obama then they could have ever hoped for. And they should be ashamed of themselves.

News flash for Clooney no one believes you or your buddies are humanitarians but criminals who should be arrested. Clooney where is all the money for Haiti? Actually that question could be laid entirely at Hollywood’s feet. And Colin Firth who has never been a child who has gone hungry, Ricky Gervais, as stupid and rude as he is, isn’t the same as what this country has had to endure. It is not the same as endure a natural disaster and having to have a limb amputated without anesthesia at the age of eight years old.

I can’t stand the awards show as they are so self promotional, self gratuitous and obscenely opulent. It is like clones of Barack Obama. Greedy, self promotional, out of touch, insensitive people who have never had to do a real days work in their lives but live at the expense of others. And Hollywood sells children into military service which is a crime.

So I think Hollywood would be much better of outsourced like the rest of the country. Then Clooney can figure out how he can pay for Como which is an Albatross without preying on the good nature of the American people. I notice Italians don’t watch the awards shows. Actually Europe really doesn’t watch television or movies. So there is no market for Hollywood in Europe. We are their only market.

So after watching then insensitivity, grandiose, self gratuitous Golden Globes who claimed the pride of uniting with the African American community without acknowledging that they still can’t break the 20% rule and have produced negative stereo types until the last 30 years and then only a few good ones, I was disgusted. I thought those are Barack’s people the ones who don’t work, avoid their responsibilities, who are anti American and anti-Israel and are talent less worthless people and I thought how replaceable they all are. And no wonder the country is in a decline with Hollywood running the White House.

Really the next time Julia Roberts or George Clooney try to get cash from me my first question will be…”What makes you think you are so grand you deserve 20 million dollars a picture?”. My second question will be…”Why so racist that you can’t break the 20% rule?.” I know Julia will claim the Pelican Brief broke the 20% rule but it didn’t I checked the cast list. My third question will be…”Have you paid all of your taxes?” And my fourth question will be…”Why would I give a millionaire which in all reality we are probably talking about billionaires a dime?”.

And Brad Pitt is really a humanitarian George. I loved his “American is racist speech after hurricane Katrina when Pitt is particularly guilty of not being able to break the 20% rule. He hasn’t even done it in his own family which he has control over. Why would I give Brad Pitt who lives in a 90 million dollar mansion money for his foundation? He should sell his mansion and pay for his ambitions out of his own pocket and pay his taxes which he is avoiding by living in France. I think Hollywood and Congress share the same popularity ratings. Personally, I had free movie tickets which I ripped up after seeing the Golden Globes as I couldn’t imagine supporting people who are and continue to be anti American criminals in our society.

The Illumanti in Hollywood

And just for the record, Brad Pitt isn’t illuminati. I have the records of the families which are and Brad Pitt is not one of them. Actually to be in Hollywood is to be a gypsy and be of a good family line. The only one who is even close is Natalie Hershlag. Reese Witherspoon isn’t even of that particular order. The rest are less then zero.

Hollywood Foreign Press

Now let’s get a brother and sister from Haiti and Africa in Hollywood and from all those countries I mentioned earlier and let’s let the Hollywood Foreign Press really be Foreign for the first time ever. I mean come on the Netherlands isn’t foreign I was there when I was a teenager. Let’s allow the blacks, indans, Asians and the rest of the world drink from the golden fountain of Hollywood and I bet our international relations would change in an instance.

So producers here me now it is time to outsource Hollywood because all of your actors are overpaid and unmarketable.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

      Hi Cred2,

      I am glad I got your heart pumping. It make sit all worth it to me.

      Right so the upper echeln of society believes that Blacks can't break the 20% rule. Except I am a white person not supporting this practice. And I don't think any of the groups mentioned above have slapped themselves on the black proud nof their progressiveness in American politics while the 20% rule still is in full force. It is a bit hypocritical. No it is really hypocritical. You said nothing of the fact that I mentioned Mark Walhberg breaking the 20% rule. Nor have you mentioned exactly how deplorable this practice is. I have and I am Republican OLd Guard who believed in full integregration. Democrats still haven't embraced that idea.

      George Clonney is a Mogul and can well afford to turn down projectys that adhere to the 20% rule. Perhaps he would gain a following with black fans? I would like him better if he broke this 20% rule.

      My point nis you can't keep wokring in a discimintaroy system and claim progress while collecting a paycheck. Seriously, my family fought and considered every race their brother especially the black man back in 1900 so excuse me for being a little disappointted over 100 years later when Hollywood can't break the 20% rule as progressives. You think it was easier in 1900 to integrate? Do you realize the Democratic Party found it's genesis in violnet opposition to the Republican Party wanting integration?

      What is so sad and upsetting is that racism was defeated 100 years ago and integration has been defeated 100 years later and all in the name of progressivism.

      Slum Dog Millionaire did quite well and it was a cast from India. And what are indiependent films for if not to give those disenfranchized countries an opportunity in Hollywood?

      Donald Trump is Hollywood. As a matter of fact anyone you see on screen whether big or little is an Actor. Everyone from the weather people to the people on MSNBC. It is all fake.

      Sorry to get your adrenaline going for advocating for Black America being able to break the 20% rule especially when progressives are in charge. If progressives don't give them a hand up then who will?

      I think we all need to meet on the square and that pillars of society can be found in every race in this wonderful country.

      It is always good to debate you though. Maybe someone who can change that 20% rule will. I would atleast like it to get to 25% this year. It is just wrong and I hate that the Democratic Party can't own they haven't done more for minorities. Republicans, atleast old guard Republicans, would embrace this idea.

      And yeah, I was a little hard on the Dems but it was really upsetting for me to watch all of Hollywood slap each other on the back for progressivism when nothing has changed.

      And George Clooney and Julia Roberts certainly can't be vindicated of racism if the follow the 20% rule. So they should sell their estates before asking me for money. They are not leaders in this country. Brad Pitt either who called everyone racist in this country and then works for the 20% rule. Sorry, not interested in Hollywood at all. I think they should all be outsourced. It is called a shared ordeal and it is time Hollywood share the ordeal the rest of this nation has faced for over a decade.

      Cambodia Actor wins best male lead actor!! I would love that!!!

      And it is nothing personal either because you know I care for you. But I am flattered I raised your adrenaline.LOL:):)


    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Hello, JT, I have to call you out on this this time and its nothing personal.

      You said; "me wonder if all of those actors were over paid, unpatriotic, anti-American, anti-Israel who should be outsourced immediately"

      so, what else is new? I say the same about these CEO's, sports stars, music celebrities. Where do you get the idea that Hollywood celebrities are unpatriotic? I think that Donald Trump is more disturbing in the national consciousness than any Hollywood personality. A lot of what these 'progressive' members agree with I agree with as well. The complaints you make are customary of the political right, which I do not give a great deal of credence to, anyway.

      You said; "So Hollywood personifies what I hate about the Democratic Party which is their complete hatred of this country"

      That just what the GOP and rabid right says, I don't know about you, but I don't take anything they say seriously.

      You said; personally I would recruit actors from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Indochina, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, South America and India

      Hollywood is in a business to make movies that will do well at the box office, people tend to relate to home grown talent. This is nothing new, Rudolph Valentino, Clark Gable, etc.

      You said; "Really the next time Julia Roberts or George Clooney try to get cash from me my first question will be…”What makes you think you are so grand you deserve 20 million dollars a picture?”. My second question will be…”Why so racist that you can’t break the 20% rule?.”

      JT, the actors and actresses are not responsible for the secretive 20% rule, it is the studios and their moguls. How many blacks are CEO's, I am not excusing Hollywood for this practice, they merely reflect the viewing preferences of a larger society, that reflect a certain amount of racism in those preferences which they support with their entertainment dollar.

      You sure do have a way of getting my adrenaline to flow so early in the morning!