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Railway Events - The Polar Express

Updated on September 3, 2016
The Polar Express
The Polar Express | Source
North Pole in the distance
North Pole in the distance | Source

Eastern Flyer Premier Rails

The Eastern Flyer Premier Rails is offering a magical experience through the holiday season. It is a Polar Express Ride. This event is based on the hit movie starring Tom Hanks and writer Chris Van Allsburg. With special licensing from Warner Brothers Entertainment they provide a most popular excursion on their historical trains throughout the United States and England. Families return year after year to ride the Polar Express to the North Pole, to visit Santa Clause and the Elves.

Bristow, Oklahoma

One of the locations is Bristow, Oklahoma. Bristow is a friendly little city, with more brick roads than any other town in Oklahoma. Bristow was founded in 1901 and named after the Assistant Postmaster of the United States, J.L. Bristow. The famous Historic Route 66 runs through Bristow city limits. It has the population of 4,220 people, it’s schools are rated B+, and their crime rate it rated an A- in overall crime.

Bristow was the home of the first radio station in Oklahoma. “The Voice of Oklahoma” was known as KRFU. Oklahoma’s first radio station was located in Bristow until 1927 when the station was renamed KVOO and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. It also is the home of Oklahoma’s first white (non-native American) birth. On August 11, 1889 Bessie Crane was born to C. O. Crane in Woodland Queen. Until 1901 Bristow was called Woodland Queen. C. O. Crane was a general merchant of the first general store at sixth and Main.

Bristow has hosted several famous people: Gene Autry was discovered by Will Rogers while working in the telegraph office at the Frisco Depot. Eleanor Roosevelt-First Lady came and dedicated the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Bob Wills of the famous Bob Wills and Texas Playboys would stop by to visit his favorite haunt the then Hamburger King, now The Beach House. Harry S. Truman, 33rd President of the United States stopped on the campaign trail to give a speech in Bristow. Tom Paxton, 2009 Grammy winner, Folk singer-songwriter graduated from Bristow High School and Norma Smallwood, 1925 Miss America, second wife to Thomas Gilcrease of Gilcrease Museum of Tulsa, Oklahoma once lived in Bristow.

Information on Bristow Train

To participate in Bristow’s Eastern Flyer Polar Express excursion information can be obtained at:



address: One Railroad Place

Bristow, Oklahoma 74010

Hobo | Source

Yuletide Cheer

You have the choice of several different price levels depending on the amount you have to spend. But you can come away with a Polar Express mug, a silver bell and/or a 1,000,000.00 bill from the North Pole. The day of our visit my sister was celebrating her birthday. They sang “Happy Birthday” to her, gave her a silver bell which is generally reserved for children and gave her the bill from the North Pole.

We enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa, a fresh sugar cookie, the story “The Polar Express,” a visit from Santa Claus, a hobo, elves, a small boy looking for his bell and a time of singing the Polar Express songs and Christmas carols.

The staff was friendly, cheerful and helpful. Pictures are welcome and encouraged. Come enjoy Christmas Carols and Yuletide Cheer on the Polar Express as you travel to the North Pole. It’s ninety minutes of Christmas.

What else to do in Bristow, Oklahoma

We attended an early ride and one of the staff told us of a charm bracelet that you could assemble. It was a flyer called “Zainy Zelma’s Charm Bracelets.” Participating merchants would sell you a charm to add to your bracelet for .50 cents as you visit them. You could collect as many or few of the charms as you desired.

There are plenty of places to enjoy a meal, the Bristow Casino is in town and the street are lit with beautiful, colorful lights. As you stroll down the main street they have Christmas music piped along the way. It is a relaxing and festive time with family and friends.

Rail rides in US and England

To find a place near you go to


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