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Raising a Capricorn Child

Updated on July 12, 2013

Surprisingly Mature Kids

A Capricorn infant shows a maturity that is surprising and also has a definite preference in life in general. He may also be quite willful but would not be as noisy as to express him. He will also never hesitate and is very decisive when he wants something. He may also be so stubborn that he definitely gets what he wants just as if he has planned everything in his little mind. He knows the right timing since he is so patient. He also is adaptable to routine and is very patient. Since he has a fixed internal clock inside hi, feeding him will not be a hard task. He may get disturbed if his mother changes the place for his special toys since he will have a space especially for them.

Adorable Children

They are very adorable, loveable and likeable even though they are very intelligent and must constantly be reassured on this. As mentioned earlier, they are very self-reliant, organized and also very studious. They often wind up as mother’s all around helper and more often than not a teacher’s pet. They do not like to look immature or act childishly and so do not have uncontrollable behavior or are uncouth. Usually during the teen age years where popularity is a concern, they may find it painful that no one wants to date them because they are so smart. But other than that, they enjoy school very much. A parent’s job is to make sure that the Capricorn child truly believes that he is likeable and lovable.

No Fuss Chidlren

There is no fuss and not much need to do any parenting to a Capricorn child since he is a child who will not be raised. They are astute to the fact that they are have their own crowns and are like kings in their own mind. A Capricorn child thinks that it knows everything about the universe but may seem to have lost their train of thought at the moment, more or less like being a genius but having partial amnesia. An example of what this means it that they will enjoin themselves into an adult conversation with the honest belief that at any moment they will suddenly realize what the topic is and not appear like a fool. They would not want to have the adults and everyone else around them have an inkling that they do not have an idea to what the conversation was in the first place. But still they end up as natural born leaders because in spite of that trait, they still walk around with heads held high and as if their crown was not lost.

To a Capricorn child if the parent is constantly nagging them about rules, that parent is calling them stupid. They have an innate need for the parent to know they can distinguish right from wrong by themselves and do know the rules and won’t forget them in the future. Since most of the time they act honorably and well, when they do decide to break those said rules, they usually have determined that the rules do not apply to them or have a very good reason to not heed those rules. Back to the old king metaphor, if the Capricorn child thinks that the rules do not make any sense or may seem foolish to them then chances are that they will not follow those rules. To make a Capricorn child listen, the parent has to explain why the rules are in existence and why the child has to follow them. As long as the child feels that the parent is not just blowing smoke but have a real and logical reason to the said rules, they will politely listen and follow these rules. Usually they know that the since the rules mean so much to the parent, they in turn will honor it. They usually prefer devotion over logic; though it may seem that loyalty (devotion) and logic occasionally battle within their hearts.

Good Behavior

Sometimes Capricorn children may be overlooked by parents and teachers since they tend to focus more on the other unruly and boisterous children. This is because Capricorn tends to be better behaved. That is why it wise to sometimes to give them permission to play and laugh. They actually do wait for permission to laugh and play. That is why special care and attention must be paid in this regard. This Capricorn child must be made to understand that it is okay to have some fun moments from serious activities and to just play and laugh at the world, which this a major component to the child’s esteem issues. Some Capricorn children have an instant set of admirers because they had felt at ease and secure enough to be able to share their wonderful humor. It seems that these children have a perpetually secret prank at their hearts and a great “work” ethic.

Approval from Parents

Capricorn children have as primary needs approval and success in ones endeavors and are great planners. They also know early on what they intend to be when they are of age. Be sure that the Capricorn child is rewarded accordingly and regularly because then the parent gets to see how competent, smart and hardworking they are. Another good way for parents to teach responsibility and the value of money to the Capricorn child is to give the child an allowance and try to increase its yearly or per each succeeding birthday. More often than not it that money would be put to good use later on in buying her much coveted prize that the child has been wanting for a long time. Since this sign possesses an innate sense of having a level head and sense of responsibility, the Capricorn child would make a wonderful and loving older child/sibling. Remember that no matter how well the child can handle all that responsibility, it is always best to dole it out in moderation since being a child means having not a care in the world, having downtime and play!


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