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Ramsey Nouah: The Figurine Araromire

Updated on April 19, 2014



The supernatural

There is a certain allure about the supernatural, stories about it can invoke a myriad of emotions and the thoughts of it can make one shudder. Being an African it has been ingrained into me that the supernatural exists and that there are unseen forces that have the ability to alter one's destiny and if you are not spiritually alert no matter how much you can try they can make you feel like a boat trying to float upstream. We have all at one point African, American, Indian have heard of witches and warlocks and magic though some may just dismiss them as childhood fancy and stories I cant be sure that they are not real. After listening for years to whispers of how Mr X's wife goes hunting for human meat at night in a flying basket and can call your spirit to come and play whilst you are sleeping and the oh so scary event of waking up in the morning with part of your hair missing how could one possibly doubt its existence.



Araromire is a Yoruba Goddess that when one comes in contact with can bring good fortune and prosperity but after the period of prosperity comes to an end the goddess becomes angry and wrathful and will bring upon the bearer seven years of bad luck, death and misery. This kind of reminds me of the story of Joseph in Egypt when pharaoh had the dream of the seven cows. Anyway the movie of the figurine is developed from this folklore or legend.

The writer of this movie does a good job in playing out the supernatural and the natural. Although not a scary movie there is a certain mystery that the writer created that makes you want to jump out of your skin with anticipation of what might be happening or could happen. That sense of being at the edge of your sit is what made this a good movie.



During national youth service two friends Sola (Kunle Afoloyan) and Femi (Ramsey Nouah) while walking in the forest as part of training, lag behind because Femi who suffers from asthma needs to catch his breath. While they are resting it starts raining all of a sudden and in their haste to find cover they find themselves in an old, abandoned hut. Curious Sola starts exploring and finds an old box that contains a peculiar looking figurine. Despite Femi's protests Sola sneaks away with the figurine and keeps it with the intention of selling it.

As soon as they got home from their youth service their fortunes immediately change, they get good jobs, Femi no longer suffered from asthma, his father is cured of terminal cancer, he gets the opportunity to go abroad and they all become very wealthy in no time. After seven years pass things start happening, lost jobs and dying children and no matter how much they try to get rid of the figurine it keeps coming back.

The real question is who was responsible for their ill luck was it Araromire or was it Femi who unknown to us was obsessively in love with Sola's wife Mona? Maybe it was just all coincidence that their lives started falling apart after seven years or maybe the perpetrator was being used by Araromire to visit her wrath upon them or was there a perpetrator?

This movie leaves you with a lot of questions about your opinion on the supernatural, whether it exists or not and whether or not destiny can be altered by an encounter.

Araromire trailer

Final word

I have always said that it would be nice to watch African movies with African stories not African movies of Africans trying to act like Americans. This movie tells an African story that showcases our beliefs and our culture. This is what makes the movie unique and interesting. It brings something new and different to the mix. Hope you enjoy the movie.

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