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Random Thoughts On President Donald Trump

Updated on July 10, 2019

What do you think of when you think about President Trump as the leader of America and just as a rich, business, man? Many conjure up a host of negative, vile, thoughts that are only equal to those of Mr. Trump himself. After all, he is the leader, and many follow him in his image. On the other hand, many think he is a heavenly man, sent by the Almighty, to save America from its wicked course away from God. This is perverted thinking for the man has sinned so, so, many times in his life and violated all religious norms.

It is amazing how half of America either loves him or hates him. One cannot disagree that his crass, narcissist, way of thinking is part of his own personality, and one that no parent would want their kids to emulate. Adults may be repulsed by this type of person, yet, to ignore this and just have blinders on only liking him for his policies as POTUS. But, it is increasingly hard to ignore Trump, the man, and just look at him as our president.

His circle of appointees reflect just what kind of old man he is. Stuck in his ways, refusing to change with times, longing for a more conservative America when he thought it was "great". Coming from a rich family, one can easily see where his head is at as he grew up. Everything was always just about him. He ran for president on a lark and he never took it too seriously until the moment he won. Then he said, "Oh, shit!" His appointees have all come and gone after a period of time because they could deal with a man would thought he was king. A man never taking advice of more experienced people because Trump knows all. He is better than all. He loves himself, probably more than his wife.

As for Trump policy, the economics are looking good for those who play the stock market, have IRAs, are in the upper income levels. Trump has called on China and trying to reverse bad trade deals, these are good things, IF they work. So far, it has not. Other deals with other nations follow the same prognosis. Stay tuned.

As for the environment, Trump does not believe there is a crisis and acts accordingly, dismantling several environmental safeguards to increase profit. This is Trump the business man. He won't care about it until it hits home to him. He is all about good image for himself.

On foreign policy, he does not mind having America go it alone. He seems to think that America does not need NATO or Europe, just having Israel seems to all that is needed. He pulls out of the bad Iran deal and added more sanctions on them, like an iron fist. Iran's response was to shoot down the drone and increase the production of nuclear material for a bomb. The question is, will this tactic, of either side, work? NK will never surrender their nuclear bombs and now Trump has modified the deal, to, NK can keep them IF they stop producing them and testing ICBM. In exchange, Trump will open up the economic gates to prosperity and maybe a Trump tower. He hopes this deal will happen and that it entices the Iranians to follow.

Trump can be a stupid guy trying to make the "deal of the century". He wants to be revered in history as America's greatest president since Lincoln or Kennedy. There are so many bad things about this man ethically and morally, it is hard to comprehend how he got elected. Maybe we all were just wishful thinkers, hoping blindly until the reality check slapped us.

Yep, no doubt.


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