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Rapper Drake Depressed Has He Sold His Soul?

Updated on October 28, 2012

Burnt out stars still shine

"I've Always Been Somethin' That These Labels Can't Buy Especially If They Tryna Take A Piece Of My Soul" - Drake "Say What's Real"
"I've Always Been Somethin' That These Labels Can't Buy Especially If They Tryna Take A Piece Of My Soul" - Drake "Say What's Real"

Has Drake sold out?

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Drake at his Party

Notice his lips outward in a pout while his face is buried in a fitted cap.
Notice his lips outward in a pout while his face is buried in a fitted cap.

Thrill is Gone

*"I can't relate to that" 

All this talk about money is making me think Drake is wack

Ain't it funny how money changes people like that

Cash, money, hoes, cliche infact 

Just stating facts

*(Drake's "Thrill is Gone")

No auto tune, but you can feel the pain.
No auto tune, but you can feel the pain.

Drake's Change

I have been a big fan of Drake, listening to him well before he blew up. But since he got a deal his sound changed, his content changed, his whole attitude changed. I have still listened because he is a talented artist but the transition from his earlier mixtapes to his recent releases is a a saturated version of Drake. A money minded Drake who has sold his soul to a record label.

His newer lyrics were really nawing at me so much so I stopped listening to rap completely for a week. I came back to new Drake releases and more vainity. But I feel it is more than vanity or selling out as it would appear from audacious lyrics like "I also can no longer converse with you thousandaires."

Drake looks

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Drake's 23rd

Upon seeing the recently released pictures at Drake's 23rd birthday party I saw a very unhappy person. There are pictures of people smiling and poping bottles, but every picture of Drake is lifeless. It is not the no smile cause I am too cool, you can actually see the emptyness in his eyes reflecting his pain. Look at Kid Cudi, his lips are upward and he appears to be in high spirits. Drake however looks distant and hollow while wearing a slanted hat covering his face as if to shield himself from the world.

Mo Money Mo Problems

Recent money related rhymes by Drake

"I’m still awake getting money while the sun is up" 

"I also can no longer converse with you thousandaires"

"Mixtape dropped then I started getting 10 a show,
now I get a hundred what the f-ck you think I’m in it for,
Young money forever "

My View on Drake

"I was hesitant at first and fear what it would change,
now I’m high off the success and faded off of the fame
and still managed to keep all of my opinions the same " - Drake

Okay, I have to disagree with you Drake yeah you may have rhymed about phantoms in the past but that was all in good fun when you didn't have one of your own, it was a lease. Now that you have money you have turned into an arrogant person who has nothing of substance to say.

Do you feel Drake's lyrics have changed?

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Video Girl Lyrics

"And I ain't trying to generalize every video girl, you know what I mean?

Say that ya all one way man it's just that sometimes man you gotta

Accept the fact that there's times that you gotta better yourself

You know as a person man. I love to see my black women strong, single,

Independent. Doing they thing without popping they booty in some rappers

Video you know what I mean? It's a wonderful thing baby. So uh, don't hate me for

This one ladies. Just take my advice you know what I mean?"

Breast I Ever Had

Contradicting Video

Despite this song, Drake makes his first major video (After So Far Gone released) just the kind of video he was criticizing on a past record.

Brings me back to the topic of Drake's uphappiness. Do you think he has comprised his position on issues to fit in? Because maybe he is insecure despite the "olympic pools of money" reflecting his success.

Say Something

Say Something

"uhh, but I guess things change,

its funny how someone else’s success brings pain,

when ya no longer involved that person has it all,

and you just stuck standing there"

There is three ways to interpet these lyrics

  1. He is envious of another man being in a relationship of a dormer flame.
  2. Her happiness without him hits a nerve.
  3. Drake is talking about himself as if he were two different people.

"I should wanna go back to the one I started with,

but I’m addicted to this life its gonna be hard to quit"

There is two ways to interpet these lyrics

  1. He wants to be back with his former flame.
  2. He wants to return to his former self and go back to how it was.

"What's a star when its most important fan is missing"

  1. Again a reference to a former flame.
  2. Talking about his uncle whom is no longer in contact with Drake.

The last lyric truly shows how all the success can mean nothing if it does not bring happiness.

Fear Lyrics

"This is me.
Still the same.
They want the hits.
I play the game."

This is him saying hey it's really me, I haven't changed.

I want to please other people by making hits so I go along with it even if its not me.

"And people seem to notice every time I do smile.

I guess that mean they come few and far between.

Even though am living out what you would call the dream."

This goes along with my argument that despite success, Drake is depressed. 

"And my uncle aint even messaging me.

And him missing in my life is kind of messing with me.

I hope this isn't one of those forever things.

Its funny how money can change everything."

Just reflect on that last line.

"You know I spend money because spending time is hopeless.
And know I pop bottles cuz i bottle my emotions.
At least I put it all in the open."

Is Drake's new extremely cocky persona him attempting to hide his insecurities?

The Fun is So Far Gone

I believe Drake is no longer enjoying making music. The allure for Cash, Money, and Hoes has yet to fill voids in Drake's life.

"Say Something" and 'Fear" are two honest songs that reflect Drake's unhappiness.

This goes to show money can't buy happiness.

"Its funny how money can change everything."


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    • profile image

      JSummerBreezeS 3 years ago

      I'm late but i just seen the new video if Nicki Manaj feature Drake, Weezey, & Chris Brown "Only" & Drake don't even loik like he fits in the video like he didn't want any part in the visual scene they created! It's so sad that he is lost now :( . Great article!

    • profile image

      Fred 4 years ago

      Drake sold his soul and was initiated after he sacrificed his uncle in some sort of blood ritual.

      I personally can't stand his music and I think he is very gay. He is one of Canada's greatest national embarrassments slightly above Nickelback and slightly below Justin Bieber

    • profile image

      Laughygirl@222 5 years ago

      Yeah I do agree that Drake has changed....Kind of bugs me, but whatever...I just listen to the old ones...

    • musictunes profile image

      Kris Weber 5 years ago from Saint Cloud, Minnesota

      I don't think drake is changing in the fact that he has that much more money but in the fact that he thinks he is more gangster now. He use to have some amateur behind his belt and was more true about what he said in his raps and rhymes.

      He is considered one of the best rappers of all time if you check that voting poll for who is the best of them all. You believe that ?? hahaha

    • profile image

      vella 5 years ago

      i love drake,he looks a lot like my son who has dreams of meeting him.

    • profile image

      wandamiddleton 5 years ago

      I will never support any of those sell out losers,

      you will reap what you sew!!!!!

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 5 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      JM- I agree. The song was written for Rihanna shame she didn't record it. Drake version is so dope.

    • profile image

      JM 5 years ago

      The rita version of R.I.P really pisses me off. Drakes version is way better...

    • profile image

      brian 5 years ago

      I like rap because of all the talk about perseverence, most raw rappers do come from a bad background, and even though I'm white and rich, I can relate, and I was sick with a brain tumor, and I can relate to the struggles discussed in rap, but drake... Nah

    • profile image

      DCTG 5 years ago

      With success comes new experience and that's the reason for change in any artist lyrical content that doesn't mean that they've sold their soul if u give a homeless man a million dollars would u expect him to stay on the streets

    • profile image

      Macaveli 5 years ago

      All of these modern rappers are nothing but actors..

      you know in your heart...

      Tupac's KING of RAP!

      RIP on THAT!!

    • profile image

      iknowhowitfeels 5 years ago

      Your all to blind im goin thuogh the same mess he feels that to get this he has to say that or if he does this you'll get here hes tired of being everybodys puppet so he did these things to make others happy hoping it would fill this hole that nuthing else could fill and when he got around jay z that's when he turned to the illuminati cuza j and drakes beter the all this and he knows it!!!!

    • profile image

      were mom 6 years ago

      omgdrake a mymom

    • profile image

      GUEST 6 years ago

      I don't know when this was posted, but I have few questions.

      1. Did Drake grow up with a hard life? Some of his lyrics say things about his mom and dad and being in jail, on drugs etc...Did that really happen? To me he seems like he came from a proper Canadian/Part Black & Jewish upbringing, but you don't hear him speak about Jewish opression as much as Black, which tells me, he must have came up from a decent middle class household yet he romanticizes his "struggle" and makes a huge story out of it just to ryhme or something?? i'm confused.

      2. ALL HIS SONGS ARE ABOUT THIS Ex- or that Ex and this girl and that girl...Does anyone know who this chick is? I'm so sick n tired of hearing his SOB STORY and Whining in every track asking for forgiveness or waiting for him etc...I just want to tell him, Dude, you're not the only one with a heart break and to GET OVER IT! It's been hindering me from listening to his stuff because its the same ol same ol sob story.

      So I do agree, even if I haven't been on drake since his mixtapes, from an objective pt of view, he needs to switch up his material. I think his sophomore album is not as diversed as his Freshman album. Take CAre sounds saturated compared to so far gone.

    • profile image

      ice man 6 years ago

      i know some people think drake sold his soul and his lyrics changed for me that is not true and i will listen to your songs know metter what i like you young money cash money buisnees

    • profile image

      honey 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Gcina. 6 years ago

      Damn..drake bro i ws prayin 4 u dawg n dreamin if i can hook up wif u 1 dae inorder to promote my music n mke sound like urz...dawg m ur biggst fan bt u hve mde wrng decision by sellin ur soul..i dnt thnk dats ur true religion..plz bro tryna change ok

    • profile image

      bren 6 years ago

      that's bullshit. he's apparently fucked up on drinks or even drugs usually when I drink I think a lot and makes me distant sometimes because of the stress I have already. He's a multi millionare he has to deal with a lot people and make sure he has a good appearance. i'm not saying he didn't sell his soul but the pictures and lyrics have nothing with him selling his soul. people y'all need to stop worrying about these rappers and their souls, y'all giving them more power anyway by blogging and talking about them whether it's good or bad.

    • profile image

      Jay continued.. 6 years ago

      "Thieves in the night" -Black Star

      This Is Hip hop..

    • profile image

      JayBee 6 years ago

      @ Upcoming

      i see what your argument is; that change is a part of life, it helps one grow into a better (or worse) person. Unfortunately this is about drake and him changing his whole way of doing things, i mean, yeah we learn new things on a daily basis but this is music we're talking about. Change is True change when it is for the benefit of positive outcome, but i see none of that in the industry (or "the game") today. Drake was killing it back when he 1st dropped back in 06-07 and i was loving it, but it/'s that money man. Every unsigned rapper i've heard, i try to keep to myself because i know that alllll these following ass wanna be hip hop heads are going to do so (follow like zombies) and ruin the artists' true essance. See i hear a lot of "oh he sold out" "he switched his flow" ect.. But the REAL sell out is the listener! You have that choice to continue to follow what you didn't stand for and you don't..? That's deffinately change, but against your self and not for any self benificial purpose but for those around you so your not in the "out corwd" . I got news for you, there is no "out crowd", the only crowd there is, is made up of the followers/zombies that are told what to listen to and ignore self preservation of your true feelings towards an art that you once stood up for..and breezy, your in that group. You know damn well your not feeling drake anymore but are like "eh, what ever its okay i guess" but at one point you questioned it and knew that's not what your about.. That's running with the crowd. True hip hop is Substance, True hip Hop is pain, true hip hop has a story to tell and is true in Hip Hop you feel me? Not this money, cars, hoes garbage.. That's Just Bullshit at its best and your being fed it to the max. Stand up for what you believe in and don't let these supposed "trend setters" effect your stAte of mind and the way you percieve things.. Cause as soon as you do, that's when you become the sell out.. Being different is key.

    • profile image

      B Dougs 6 years ago

      for those of you who know truth, after listening his "Thank Me Later" album one might even go as far to say he's sold his soul, or least is being pressured by JayZ to do so

    • profile image

      upcoming.thenupcoming. 6 years ago

      “If you haven’t changed, you just haven’t been through anything new”

      knowledge is changeable, but truth is eternal. If you a human, are looking for truth, well, the Gods are laughin’ at you man..(somewhat “ “)

      Respect "Da Ph3nom" for your first post, but in total society, change is inevitable! But we, fortunately, do have the freedom and choice to find a group/even an industry that satisfies your values and way of life and feel as less as an outsider as possible. “If you ain’t runnin’ wit it, run (stay away) from it”, lol.

      "Shifty J"

      Drake’s no singer, he’s a melodic. I’m cool with it ‘cz I see it as natural and the way he or any other melodic or other ways (new/innovative) of expressing oneself the best.

      StarBtwelve, you have obviously missed the flight. HipHop no matter where it came from has nothing to with where it’s going to go; it’s an Art like any other art, sheet it’s all the theme songs for a group of Caucasian Beverly Hills kids doing a reality show, the last season too. And Beverly Hills is becoming more and more multicultural. Point is, a group or people need to relate or I guess see the Artist as an inspiration in life. You are right he is middle-high class, “Understand the streets, but far from hood!” – if true that could be from past/new friends, experiences, intelligence, research…whatever. I don’t’ know if he’s trying to keep it “real”, as in this new world if you don’t constantly elevate and threat education (information/knowledge) as life, rather than a meant, and a way of life you’ll become just stagnant, so I hope you have no plans to elevate (And elevating lol is defined different by different people; could depend on past conditioning/anchors, genes/handicapes, and goals; which I’m reading up on now and I’m trying to establish/maybe change some of my values so that my mask can be as transparent as possible or else simply more (very genuine) pain. Pick a picture, make a life, and depending on your experiences (especially conversations for me) your definition of success can change. I’m struggling to find a Mentor as that shit’s supposed to help unbelievably and push you to create the world you (will or plan to) enjoy and/or accomplish the most. I’ve been chillin way too long! And seeing people happier/more successful (even/e.g. Drake) than me (tho I’m’ not looking for no fame, money be nice so that I can buy the things I want) and rather than stereotyping I sometimes smile watching, sometimes get jealous and feel disappointed with myself (having felt my potential as whatever that sounds) and sometimes get motivated to spend the time learning/becoming (not easy at alllll). Honestly, sometimes it beats/feels much greater and exponentially more enlightening than I feel now, whatever that is, a message/maybe some bloody purpose/or just bs, but I do get hooked on new experiences…no traitor either, it’s called sacrifice (very painful too, but sometimes a person’s gotta do what they gotta do!)

      And as far as Drake goes mann, I think he’s got stuck with young money and he’s just different; much more about progress and reaching new levels of success, while apparently working the hardest he ever has and trying to live at the same time. Don’t know what happened to his uncle, but I know Drake feels empty and maybe depressed cz shit turned and got stuck, and it’s not easy going through a new wall (maybe a thicker one) cz you sick n’ tired of your existing room, with shit like that and having to please all these commerce people around you. I mean “money” is in the groups main label/identity, so idk….

      Commerce is choking Art! And I hear they call it Cut-Throat! That’s what’s happening in the Music industry now. They don’t give a f about finding new serious talent much it seems. Also Drake is Jewish, so I’m guessing he has a whole different side of conditioning/beliefs than the rest he’s working with/part of; good or bad it can’t be easy. I don’t know if there’s a connection between the money thing and Judaism lool, but it hurts me to see his talent go to waste on repping money that much. I mean have your fun bro and when I’ll lift my glass too (in distance and telepathically speaking of course lol) but, “with power comes a greater responsibility”. In in a tough and rough industry like hip hop I don’t think you can come and instantly take money out of it, at least right away, cz you’re in way punkin off people and thas no good man as I’m sure he know, especially and unfortunately in hip hop and rap! Dangerous shit until you have the back and/or sack to do so. So I, personally, am hoping the man’s got some sort of plan as he matures and becomes a bigger and bigger man, knowing that millions of kids/adolescent/even young adults seek answers and live with his songs. It’s true! Let’s face it, all information/education is available to you/anybody in the screen in front of you (all sorts of opinions leaving for you with the responsibility to decide what’s good for you), but wayyy to big of the population get their shit from tv and music (biggest societal culture change impacts come from those two! which again are traced to the money making oriented decision makers (suits and none suts!) So maybe people that care and/or have some influence should think about putting some pressure on that department rather than simply hating.

      Yes, there is a very obvious class turn-out… yes…but very slowly melting I like to believe because of things like the internet as more and more people are reading/made available to the same information. Take, or no just watch kids from different neighbourhoods communicate; A much greater connection than decades, maybe even one decade ago. And kids these days blow your mind! They’re all about passion and very ego aware!

      Rich people go through the struggle to, usually much more mentally/mental issues/intelligence forces/emptiness/lack of humanity/past issues not dissolving/etc. In this day an age where so much information about everyone, for instance Wealthy (not necessarily Rich!) people is available and it is just naïve and ignorant to just judge them by labeling them “rich people” and looking the other way. I’m not rich, from Toronto mid-high class yeah, but it’s been and is becoming more of a struggle day by day as I realized to get where you deserve in this era, “what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you” doesn’t work anymore! Connections and a decent amount of money will help yeah, and not many of mine helped me out (actually none I think lool), but again all information is available so I try must best to stay away from the useless demons in my head. All I hear from the older generation/or new people remaining influenced by old ways, are complaints.

      Sorry for writing all this lol; pretty long, and, very embarrassing. First post I ever put online and I feel proud! Lol, jk. I also apologize if I criticized anyone personally or by group (Except for flyboybati down there). Thank you for reading if you do, and I’m down to listen to your opionion, and learn and change and grow.


      “We niggas gotta stick together, Canada or the US. BTW, I am in Toronto mothafucka!”, Go choke yourself “homie”!!! or move to the country and be an isolated happy farmer, the government will actually sponsor your beautiful black ass! Very generously actually. Love your debate skills too! Sure they work on kids you’ll be trying to recruit for your upcoming/existing gang. Pffffff, fuck dude! You got someone to complain to! Or get the fuck away from!!! Look for soul and the kindness in people, different colour skin show the beauty of both, but it ain’t that deep.

    • profile image

      miguel 6 years ago

      i don't think drake sold if he did that wud tear me apart but lets face it if it wuz me in his place with all they money i wud b the same

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 7 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      @Jdt all rappers talk about is money? I can name plenty that almost never mention it ever.

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 7 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      @Jdt all rappers talk about is money? I can name plenty that almost never mention it ever.

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 7 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      Wow funny to see the controversy this caused. I wrote this so long ago about how I felt then but not anymore. Drake is still my favorite artist even if he gets corny like the all the lights remix from time to time.

    • profile image

      ryan 7 years ago

      all i wanna no is because he changed his style of rapping and and talking about money he sold his soul just let the man do him cause im tired of every on that is successful at doing something he sold out it doesn't make any sense to me

    • profile image

      flyboypatty 7 years ago

      Yo MichaelMar, so I guess dawg by ur logic, well just have to hate on T-Pain and Snopp cause there from the US now EH nigga?? WTF That's da stupidst comment on here ya dumbbitch! We niggas gotta stick together, Canada or the US. BTW, I am in Toronto mothafucka!

    • profile image

      Jdt 7 years ago

      Ya ur a hater enough said. U sit here and tell me that if it was you, ur perspective of the hip hop industry wouldn't change. The hell it wouldn't. You express yourself depending on how u feel. When drizzy was trying to make it, he had a battle to win. Yes I love the lyrics, and they are always sick, but they are just lyrics. All his references are about money now. Tell me a rapper who's isn't. I'm sure at times he misses things the way they were, but once again anyone would. Let him express himself without bitch ass boosies like yourself tearing him down.

    • profile image

      Jay 7 years ago

      its all tru, theres info all over the net...even youtube, theres 2 much proof...this is why people say hiphop is dead...kuz it is....and theres no way 2 get out of that process that drake has done 2 sell his soul....practically every hiphop star is apart of the illuminati (illuminati is the religion that they sold their soul 2)rick ross,kanye, nas,lilwayne,DRAKE,even tupac and biggie, look up lyrics..

    • profile image

      beinme 7 years ago

      man drake just tryed 2 be the best he could cause really nobody really listen 2 him b4 he made sfg i was but after that people was on the banwagon cause drake was becomin notice drake just want people 2 know he can make good music just listen 2 over hook tells u how people was not there then all of suttin the whole world is lookin at this man he not overrated he just a great rapper and only reason his music sound like it change is because it matured old drake songs u can tell drake was hungry 4 more and he got wat u wanted

    • profile image

      Therapist 7 years ago

      "Wait I know it's hard time drizzy" Like the nite you was felt up by lil wizzy,is kinda crazy how time's so busy got runnin in circles lika child so pissy thought you were the shit wit styles and misszy but the whole world know you was fucked by BM and wizzy

    • profile image

      DUBBY 7 years ago


    • profile image

      ayers'11 8 years ago

      I just kinda feel like Drake may be a little high in those pictures haha

    • profile image

      Nashh 8 years ago

      Actually I don't know about the pain but he looks kind of blem and bored. Maybe he's just not really feeling it.

    • profile image

      "Shifty J" 8 years ago

      Here's a questions for y'all....why are rappers trying to sing now??!! Stick to rapping.Example: Kanye West and Drake. I've seen a video of Drake trying to sing the Forever hook and he doesn't sing it well and in aonther video he doesn't even sing it. Witout autotune these guys aren't S*@#. Oh and T-pain ain't shit without autotune. LONG LIVE UNDERGROUND RAP AND HIP-HOP!!!!! SCREW THIS RAP s@#$.

    • profile image

      "Da Ph3nom"  8 years ago

      another thing man. i'm a fan of hip hop/rap, i rap myslef. but why is everybody on "rave music" and sh!t now? that sh!ts been here for a while, and now everybody is deciding to play that. i heard dr. dre is coming out with an album this year with DANCE MUSIC! what the hell type of sh!t is that? come on do you go from gangster rap and back in the hood theme songs (haha i call em that) to doing dance music albums? man i hate that sh!t...the only thing i would prolly like about that is the girls with they lil hoochie outfits lol but come on man, "shuffling"? wtf is up with that...i'm a fan of hip hop and rap, and this aint sittin to good with me

    • profile image

      "Shifty J" 8 years ago

      I use to like Drake when he was not sign to any record label. I mean when he use to just make mixtapes and keep it underground. Say what's real and succesful are some of the songs before he decided to do what every rokce band and rap artist. They follow what the record labels tells them to do, in other words what sells and what works. Say I was an artist, I wouldn't sell out. I would just find a record label that accepts me for me and signs me for just me. In other words, an equal partners.- Shifty J "Afterlife Ent."

    • profile image

      "Da Ph3nom"  8 years ago

      I think drake is misunderstood. a lot of people take other people's words and take it out of context. maybe ya trynna portray what he says into something that means or hints out something else. maybe "say something" by TIMBALAND wanted drake to write it in a specific way reflecting the THEME of the song. Again, you don't know what really goes on...and that not smiling in the camera thing, i don't even smile man. a lot of dudes don't haha. But i could see why you would think his lyrics and rhymes may be interpreted as something you may think is really going on. but whatever it is, that's the music industry man. it changes you or alters you in a way giving different or new descriptions of yourself. like ma boi einstein said yo, "try not to become a man of success, but a man of value" dats real.

    • profile image

      Jesus 8 years ago

      West sold out too!!!

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 8 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      AGREED JK those are some of my favorite Drake songs you mentioned.

    • profile image

      JK 8 years ago

      You know many artists will ultimately change as they become successful, part of the game I guess. What gets me is I sit there listening to his old stuff and I half expect to hear wayne on the track, and the songs I used to love before young money wrote their name on his face, don't do what they used to! Songs like Don't You Have A Man feat. Little Brother & Dwele, Or Enjoy Ya Self By Slakah the Beatchild feat Drake. That's the Drake I know, and I will continue to play. Drake today, cant say I even bother....

    • sammi sweetheart profile image

      sammi sweetheart 8 years ago from San Antonio Texas

      Damn wish he went back to his old music instead of this crap he be singing now!!!!

    • profile image

      Successful on my own terms 8 years ago

      I think that Drake has had his struggles, but I do think that they were different from most of ours. I have never been the only black kid in an all white school. I never had to fight every day because somebody was calling me a nigger. I never went with my father on drug runs. My father was never arrested at the border by the FBI for trying to bring drugs into the country. My mother never had to come get from a jail because my father was thinking more of money than he was of me. I was never a black man being raised by a white woman; I was never shuffled from America to Canada every year. I do think that Drake is selling out but I also think that we are too hard on him.

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 8 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      Very true Salsa Dancing.

    • profile image

      Salsa Dancing 8 years ago

      So many musicians and artists change after they become famous and get lots of money. It's really sad to see, because money just corrupts them, and they produce music of less and less quality knowing that whateevr they produce will get sold. Eventually the fans will move on though.

    • StarB12 profile image

      StarB12 8 years ago from Carrollton and Brunswick, Ga

      Considering his background of coming from a higher-middle class surburb, acting gigs as a teen, money from parents and his ventures before stepping into hiphop I can infer that NONE of Drakes lyrics are 'pain and struggle' in-depth enough for me to analyze his music as selling out. I've been told that he paid his way into the industry so all of these money songs just show wat he has emerged from and what is expected to come I guess. Yes, Wayne has made some sort of effect on him and his music but for a spoiled rich kid, I don't think there's much for him to express compared to rappers like Eminem, Jay-z, and Biggie who have been at a low state in life to write and talk about it AND grasp an audience that wants to hear about overcoming those obstacles rather than listening to someone like Drake who has had plenty handed to him.

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 8 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      "visiting the hood for the summer " LOL!

    • acanderson24 profile image

      acanderson24 8 years ago

      I'm on this one Breezy....At the end of the day, when all the dudes you were keeping it real with and real for ar gone to work or at home chillin, you still have to live. He is not the first to give up what he stood for to get that money...he won't be the last. As far as him struggling,my source may be wrong, but I heard it wasn't even like that for this dude. So my question is how real was he keeping it? I'm a fan of some of his lyrics, but someone visiting the hood for the summer and somone growing up in the hood struggling, are two different things.

    • ShyneIV profile image

      ShyneIV 8 years ago from Montreal

      michael1mars, I think you missed the Player Haters Ball by a few years LOL. Just kidding dude. But on the real, once guys touch the money, the grind, struggle and pain in their voices and lyrics naturally goes away. Perhaps he needs to deal with some new type of challenge to get him to that gutter level once again. That being said great hub dude.

    • 4ever Mo profile image

      4ever Mo 8 years ago

      Five stars for this 1 Breezzy!I like the way you touched on the 'before and after the deal was sealed Drake'. Very few stars stay true to the thirst that drove them to success. I guess now that there's no worry about paying bills and all the fine things in life are at one's diposal, many artists loose the thirst to be the best they can be and shift focus on the most money they can make right now. Thoroughly written!

    • michael1mars profile image

      michael1mars 8 years ago

      breast I ever had haha good one yeah drake sold his sold to lil wayne,jae millz was good before he joigned young money.He's way to overated and creating another excuses for the US to hate on Canada

    • michael1mars profile image

      michael1mars 8 years ago

      breast I ever had haha good one yeah drake sold his sold to lil wayne,jae millz was good before he joigned young money.He's way to overated and creating another excuses for the US to hate on Canada


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