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Rappers From Dream's, to Reality

Updated on September 11, 2013


Reality on the left & Mike on the right Members of the Rap Group FlowCaine
Reality on the left & Mike on the right Members of the Rap Group FlowCaine

Lesson Learned, based on a True Story

This young rapper learned his lesson through hard knock life. He went from making music, to a return trip to the penitentiary from making a bad decision, which was costly in the end. This article is about one young mans trails and tribulations, he once had big dreams of becoming the next Tupac Shakur, but drugs and their influence got in his way. This young man isn't your ordinary rapper who writes lyrics about death and destruction but instead he writes about his own life experience's while he's serving time the first go round.

Then one day he meets a young lady who influence's him to experiment with Ecstasy, which turned out to be a very bad move. I have been told that there are different types of ecstasy that will take the user on different types of trips, and since he was a first time user, he surely wasn't prepared for what would follow.

This particular types of ecstasy causes the user to believe that they are invincible, but as we all know there is no-such-thing as invincible, there is only paranoia and false-delusions.

Shortly after writing and recording the song (Fighting to Live) Mike then took a street drug called (Ecstasy) and went out and did exactly what he wrote about in his song and was sentenced to 12 years.

If Only I Would Have Listened

Now on numerous occasions I had been ask to listen to his music, and I said sure I will get around to it, but never did, but when I finally did listen to his music it was too late to help him, the consequences of his actions was already in affect.

So the lesson learned was, never do street made drugs, that cause you to hallucinate and make you believe that you're invincible. Then you go out and rob a small grocery store and get caught and sentenced to 12 years for brandishing a pellet gun, all the while the store owner had a concealed shot gun behind the counter, just waiting to turn his newly painted white walls the color red.

Then I receive the call that no parent wants to hear, that your son was involved in a aggravated robbery, once you have gained your composure you ask is he dead, and they say no but he is in custody.

At that point you realize that all of this young man's dreams just went up in smoke, and he now has a felony on his record which will follow him throughout his natural born life. Now most youngsters don't consider the consequences of their actions until it's too late, nor do they consider that one day when they do get their lives together and they are all grown up and have completed college, and are ready to go out into the world with that new degree, that the felony they received won't allow them to get that job that they have worked so hard for through higher education.

Pray for those Who Make Costly Mistakes

If Mike is one of the lucky one's, he might just slip through the system, felony undetected, or he may even get a boss that's willing to give him a second chance, which doesn't happen to often, you see because it's now a trust issue. After the crime that he committed, he will never be trusted around anyone's purse, cash register, or business payroll. I won't matter that he's went out and got his Doctorates degree, that good old felony will still be right there with thee.

My prayers are with this young man, who made some very bad choices early on in his young life.

In my opinion he has learned his lesson, and deserves another chance, he's now 33 years old and has been locked up since 2008. So for 5 years he's been repaying his debt to society. Lets not create another victim who depends solely on society to support him, but instead lets pray and keep our fingers crossed, in the hopes that he will again join society and become a very productive part of it, making contributions, and dreams, and lots of goals come true. You are in my prayers Mike.


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