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Ready or Not - Definitely a Must See

Updated on September 19, 2019
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As an avid movie watcher with a Bachelor's in Creative Writing, Aurelie is uniquely qualified to review and give opinions on Movies.

5 stars for Ready or Not

Ready or Not Movie Basics

“Ready or Not” is a Horror/Thriller movie – circa 2019. Produced by Fox Searchlight Pictures, Mythology Entertainment, and Vinson Films.

We follow newly-wed couple Grace and Alex right before their wedding ceremony. Set in the present, at Alex's family's estate. The main characters, besides Alex and Grace, involves Alex's brother Daniel, Alex's drug-addicted sister Emilie, Emilie's husband Fitch Bradley, and Helene, who is Tony's older sister. their father Tony, their mother Becky, Daniel's wife Charity,

In Alex's family they carry a tradition, that any new family member must participate in a game the day they join the family i.e. the day they get married. Unluckily, Grace quickly discovers there is something incredibly off about this family.

The acting in this was superb, especially from the lead female character. Grace (no last name supplied) played by Samara Weaving. Everything that she did, all of her choices were incredibly realistic and understandable. And of course, excellently executed by Samara Weaving. She has you gasping with her as she runs, flinching when she is in pain. What she feels, you feel. You feel for her, you root for her. You feel as if you ARE her. Something to really appreciate would have to be her not being a stereotypical female, needing to be saved. Not to mention, her screams are well placed and completely understandable. She never screams just cause (like a majority of movies out there.)

Then you have her husband, Alex Le Domas played by Mark O'Brien, Alex's father Tony Le Domas played by Henry Czerny, and Alex's mother Becky Le Domas played by Andie Macdowell. Not to mention the rest of the family who hangs behind after the wedding. All of the characters have their quirks which only makes you appreciate the story even more. They aren't normal, there's something off, but it isn't obvious until it is too late. But the joke would be that all severely rich people has their quirks.

Ready or Not Comedy/Horror

The reality of it all is enjoyable despite the supernatural premise. The reasoning behind the story, what fuels the characters, may be out of this world but everything really comes from the need for survival. The most basic of instincts, that we all have. It isn't wrought with unintentional peril. Everything that happens has a reason, pushes the plot forward and provides the perfect level of suspense and horror to keep you on edge but still hopeful. And there's gentle comedy relief sprinkled throughout the movie.

Comedy relief that is not forced, but feels as if this is how you would react if you were in such a situation. It becomes a frustrating concept when people fall under the impression that humor would not exist in a frightening scenario or a very serious one. Sometimes those little things are the only thing that keeps us, as people, from losing their minds. For example, during the game, one of the family members retreats to the bathroom to check their smartphone. Seems preposterous, however, considering how attached we all are to our smartphones it would seem odd if they were never seen in a movie that is suppose to be going on right now, in 2019. Meanwhile, everyone else is running around and actively playing the game, he ends up watching a Youtube tutorial on how to use a specific kind of weapon. Little moments like these, not truly important to the plot but it certainly makes the people come across as more real, possibly someone you might even know.

Ready or Not MPAA Rating

The rating for "Ready or Not" is rated R for "for violence, bloody images, language throughout, and some drug use" I can always appreciate more R rated films for the sole fact that the film does not have to hold back as much or be worried about which curse words to use. It just gives a greater amount of freedom to enjoy. The movie is great, in my opinion, it contains a strong female protagonist which is always nice to have, a unique story that we haven't really come across before that just happens to be set in our time which makes it all the more better, I tend to believe there are a lot of movies set in the past. Specifically the 80s, and while there's nothing necessarily wrong with the 80s, a lot of the time it becomes difficult to really resonate with the films especially if you were born in the late 80s - early 90s and so on because you weren't really aware at that time.

Not to mention that there is a lot of things that made the 80s not so great, so for a lot of demographics, say for example, African-Americans, anyone part of the LGBTQ+, women, and minorities. All of these groups had to deal with quite a lot of flack even just 20 or so years ago. Where as if you set the story in the present there is a higher chance you will see less misogyny, less homophobia, less discrimination. That will only provide further ability for the audience to relate to the movie, and the characters.

Ready or Not - Who Should Watch

This movie would be great for those who have a dark sense of humor. As well as those who enjoy realistic gore (almost throughout the entire film) I would not recommend it to someone who cannot enjoy or deal with a rough survival movie. It IS after all a horror movie, so viewer discretion is advised.

Ready or Not Movie Rating

Rating System: This movie deserves a 5 out of 5. The creativity for the story, the ability from the actors (as well as the fact that the actors aren't merely thrown into the movie because they are a big name), the special effects, and the dialogue. All of these things are really important for a good movie, not to mention there are not a whole lot of good 'black comedy' movies out there though I am seeing a rise in this as of late. (Black comedy is essentially dark comedy, it means they deal with distressing subjects in a humorous way.)

Ready or Not Side Note

Something that has become popular as of late appears to be movies making fun of family, marriage, and or relationships. If you push aside the supernatural aspect of this movie, you get, don't trust In-Laws or family is difficult or perhaps every family has their secrets no matter how perfect they appear from the outside.


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