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Real World Skeletons : Episode 4 - Recap and Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Fun and Games at First

The episode opens with Bruno playing a prank and Sylvia and Madison getting revenge. They go out that night as a big happy group. The guys are looking for girls who are not camera shy and worried about being on television. That is kind of smart of them because I would be VERY self conscious being on the show.

Bruno and Sylvia are being flirty again and they both have soft spots for each other. Bruno admits he has become "that guy". Nicole gets a number and brings a girl home. It's going to be a very flirty night. And now we have another makeout in the confessional between Nicole and her girl.


The Next Day: Time to Work

Everyone is broke because of last night. I never realized that they had to work while on the show. They all work at restaurants or bars. easy jobs that I guess they acquired before they came there. I always thought they gave them money but I have been wrong in the past.

I kind of wish they would give them a task to do or something. My favorite was the season that they had them learn how to be improv comedians.

Bruno is flirting with Carla again after kissing Sylvia last night. Sylvia is done. Bruno's turning out to be disgusting. I become unnattracted to people who are like that. I feel bad for Sylvia and I hope she gets over him and finds another guy to hang out with this season. She gives a tearful confession that pulls at my heart.


Date Night and Stress Night

The house is a mess apparently. Nicole is hoping fo no twists and the guys feel like there are gonna be some dramatic twists. The doorbell rings right when they are discussing things and it is just tony but it even gives me a mini heart attack.

Everyone is getting ready for that night. Bruno is going out with Carla separately. Sylvia tells Bruno about feeling bad and Sylvia seems very close to being done with him. The rest of the group goes out dancing and enjoying that night.

Bruno seems to be head over heels with Carla and is done with any other girl. It turns out Tony is raising the bar tab and not giving enough money to cover for his drinks. I would be annoyed as hell too if he constantly did this. Sylvia is yelling at Tony. They get into a shouting match and they are trying to separate the two.

Nicole hits the nail on the head by figuring out that Sylvia is probably channeling her anger at being rejected by Bruno rather then actually being mad at Tony.

Nicole is my Favorite

Nicole is trying to relax both of them and is not picking sides. Jason ends up calming Sylvia down and comforting her. Bruno goes to talk to Sylvia and releases is anger at Tony too. Sylvia admits that she has a temper and that she is still upset over Carla. They have a heart to heart.

Sometimes I wish they showed more bonding of the group instead of the sudden closeness of the group. I understand the closeness because they are spending all their time together. During this time they bond. They only show the going out at night and maybe one thing the do during the day.

Sylvia is over the fight from last night.

Sneaking up on Sylvia

While Sylvia is in her interview they send her skeleton to the house. Damn. That is some shit. The roommates are on high alert automatically because of the girls suitcase. Alicia is the new girls name. She is Sylvia's boss from home.

Apparently it drove Sylvia crazy that Alicia got promoted before her. This started this tension between them. She talks down to Sylvia and is rude to her. Alicia is a liar and is not to be trusted.

The only smart person is Violetta who doesn't take people as they see right away. Madison made a friend right away. Jason speaks his mind that they are trusting this girl right away when they have known Sylvia for weeks. Alicia has told people that she has slept with someone's boyfriend.

Everyone knows to expect the worst now. Madison is still trying to be friends even with warnings from the other roommates.

The Explosion

Violetta throws Alicia's sheets and pillows over the railing without a care. Nicole and Madison get into a fight because Madison is welcoming Alicia. Jason defends Madison by telling her to have her own opinion.

They are like one big dysfunctional family. Nicole and Madison are probably going to be all lovey dovey next episode. I can't take fights with them seriously anymore. I'm just glad they make up with each other rather then keeping fights going.

Sylvia returns to the house and it is very obvious that she does not get along with Alicia. They all go surround her.


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