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Reba Season 1 Disc 1 Side 1 Wrap Up

Updated on August 15, 2009

Episode 1 – “Pilot”

This episode begins with the Hart family in a court mandated therapy session due to their being a brawl during the custody hearing.  Cheyenne wants to move in with her dad, Jake wants to stay with Reba, Kyra wants to go to Boot Camp, and Reba wants him to move back in.  However, Brock got his girlfriend, Barbara Jean, pregnant.  Jake then blurts out that Cheyenne is pregnant, which overshadows the shock of them realizing Brock got Barbara Jean pregnant.  Reba goes up to Cheyenne’s room with a sandwich and finds Van (Cheyenne’s boyfriend and father of her child) under her bed because his parents kicked him out for wanting to take care of the baby.  Van then proposes to Cheyenne.  Cheyenne hurts Reba’s feelings by getting her own wedding dress instead of Reba’s.  Cheyenne gets annoyed that Brock does not seem to be coming with the ice for her wedding.  Brock eventually does show up with the ice as Reba is having a meltdown over burning food.  He helps a little by giving her a hug, but then makes it worse because he had brought along Barbara Jean.  Before she can get annoyed at that Cheyenne and Van are fighting because he is going to play football on his wedding night.  This fight leads to Barbara Jean ending up in the cake and Cheyenne’s dress ruined.  Reba offers to fix Cheyenne’s dress, but she decides to wear Reba’s dress instead.  The episode ends with funny photos of the wedding being taken after Cheyenne and Van are married.

Episode 2 – “The Honeymoon’s Over or Now What?”

Van and Cheyenne return from their Honeymoon and Reba gives them a heart shaped pillow given to her on her wedding day.  Brock stops in looking for his bowling ball and Barbara Jean comes in to go to the bathroom.  Reba then gets a call from Cheyenne’s principal and wants to meet with Reba and Brock and the two rush off without Barbara Jean.  The principal wants Cheyenne to go to a special school for pregnant girls.  Brock then suddenly realizes he left Barbara Jean at Reba’s.  Cheyenne does not want to go to the special school.  Reba tries to talk to the principal and she says she will suspend Cheyenne for the rest of the school year because she does not want a pregnant girl roaming her halls.  The family has another therapy session and Brock shows up late and ends up bringing Barbara Jean.  Reba thinks Van should stay home and no football until Cheyenne is no longer suspended, which is a plan to get the school to let Cheyenne go to the school because they want Van to play for the school’s football team.  The principal finally comes to their house and reinstates Cheyenne to the school and Cheyenne says she now does not want to go there because they only want her to have Van.  Reba convinces her to go back to the school, though, and they rush off to the football game, so Van can play.

Episode 4 – “You Make Me Sick”

Cheyenne begins to deal with morning sickness.  Reba makes Van tend to his wife.  Jake wants to go to his friend’s house for another playdate, but Reba thinks his friend should come over to their house for once.  Reba gets Cheyenne a book about What to Expect When You Are Expecting.  Van talks to Brock about how to deal with Cheyenne’s morning sickness.  Brock invites them over to see that Barbara Jean is a rock and that it is mind over matter.  Reba tries to have Jake’s friend sleepover at their house, but instead his friend invites him over for a camp out.  Reba goes over and talks to the mother and she pretends to not remember it is that night, but really it has to do with her not wanting her son to go over to Reba’s house due to Cheyenne.  Reba does not let Jake go over then because now she is not comfortable with him being with the woman who is not comfortable with her son at Reba’s just because of Cheyenne.  Reba tries to make Jake feel better by having an indoor camping experience in the living room with him.  Cheyenne is uncomfortable with having to deal with her morning sickness in a more perky way.  Barbara Jean talks to her and explains she is just faking being okay and hides her morning sickness from Brock.  Reba finally lets Jake go to the sleepover because it has nothing to with him.  Cheyenne is tired of faking being okay through dinner and finally tells Van and Brock Cheyenne has been faking it all along.  Van just wants her to be happy and does not want her faking it.  Brock, however, likes that Barbara Jean has been doing it.  Jake’s friend’s mom comes over and lets her son stay over because she realizes that she trusts Reba and it was not her fault either.

Episode 3 – “Someone’s at the Gyno with Reba”

Van brings all his stuff over to Cheyenne’s room to really move in with her.  Reba and Kyra think Cheyenne is going to freak when she sees the mess.  Cheyenne comes in and forces herself to say she likes it.  Reba comes home from the grocery store to find Van exercising with a big piece of equipment in the living room and she wants it out.  Brock shows up late to pick up Jake.  Reba gives him a list of things not to do with Jake.  Reba goes with Cheyenne to see the Gyno and Van is late.  Cheyenne let Van put the exercise machine in her room.  Just as Reba says Brock would not go to the Gyno when she was pregnant, Brock, Barbara Jean, and Jake come out of the office.  Van arrives just in time for the appointment with the idea that he was the one getting looked at.  Barbara Jean brings Jake back all jacked up on sugar.  Reba then tells Van to get rid of the exercise equipment and convinces Cheyenne to finally tell Van that it bothers her.  Van gets annoyed. Cheyenne thinks talking to Van about what is bothering her was wrong because she did not want to drive Van away like Reba drove Brock away.  Reba goes to a therapy session on her own.  Cheyenne and Van deal with an emergency of what to do for dinner because Reba went off to the therapist and a movie.  Cheyenne calls Brock and he comes with pizza.  Cheyenne says to Brock that she thinks Reba drove him away, but Brock explains it was not her and that it was her that kept the marriage going as long as it did and that the little problems grew to big problems because they did not communicate.  Reba and Cheyenne have a talk out on the porch and Reba has come to the realization to not interfere as much.  Cheyenne and Van come up with a compromise of putting Van’s stuff in her room.

Special Features

“Pilot” Audio Commentary – This is a great commentary with a lot of the cast commenting on the show.  I really like it because it is not just them talking about working on the show in general, but them talking about this particular episode and just general thoughts that come up during them watching the episode.  Some show commentaries either seem scripted or are the same as watching the featurettes about the making of the show, but this one does not feel like that and really does capture them commenting, laughing, and reminiscing about the making of the pilot as they actually watch it.


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