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Reba Season 1 Disc 1 Side 2 Wrap Up

Updated on August 17, 2009

Episode 5 – “The Steaks are High”

This episode begins with two members from the drill team kidnapping Van at 5am to take him out to breakfast and fire him up for the game.  The player of the week is supposed to do a steak dinner and since Van’s parents are not talking to him he asks Reba to do it.  She reluctantly agrees to do it.  Brock comes over to give Reba the bible for doing the steak dinner and try to get her to let Barbara Jean do it.  Cheyenne accidentally buys the wrong brand of potato salad.  Reba pretends it is the right thing and then when Barbara Jean finds out and tells the team she takes the blame for Cheyenne.  Cheyenne goes to the locker room during half time to admit she was the one that messed up and Van tries to stand up for her.  Reba then saves the day by bringing in the right potato salad, but only her and Cheyenne know it is not actually the right brand.  The team wins anyways.

Episode 6 – “The Man and the Moon”

Reba is having an issue of trying to fix the kitchen sink.  After she gets a rake stuck in the garbage disposal she gives in and calls a plumber.  Brock and Barbara Jean show up and the plumber explains what he did wrong fixing the sink and Brock is annoyed that Reba hired a plumber.  Brock thinks the plumber is hitting on Reba.  Van gets mad at Cheyenne for mooning the football team.  The plumber picks Reba up to go to look at new faucets and everyone thinks it is a date.  Cheyenne is embarrassed when a photo of her butt shows up on the Internet and Reba helps her feel better by telling her about a similar incident that happened to her in high school.

Episode 7 – “Tea an Antipathy”

Cheyenne starts complaining about how Van likes things differently like whole milk instead of the 1% Reba buys.  She wants to be treated like more of an adult and Reba tells her to go to the grocery store then.  Instead of coming back with the groceries, Cheyenne and Van come back saying they are going to get an apartment.  Reba will not help them at all and Brock only ends up giving them $60.  Cheyenne then convinces Van to go ask his parents and he comes back with a truck and that they invited Cheyenne and Van to move in with them.  When Van takes Cheyenne over to move in with his parents his parents tell him that they really only asked him to move back in.  Reba tries to get Brock and Kyra to spend quality time together and he ends up taking her to a tea party place.  Reba goes with Van to confront his parents about rejecting Cheyenne.  He finally tells his father off for rejecting his wife and then insulting Reba, who was a better Dad to him than his father ever was.

Episode 8 – “Don’t Know Much About History”

Van flunks his history test and cannot play in the football game if he does not do well on a make up test.  Brock and Cheyenne try to help him study.  Reba goes over the test with him and helps him relax and he knows the stuff, but he just he feels a lot of pressure.  Kyra switches to playing the tuba and it turns out to be because of a boy that plays the tuba.  Van flunks the test on the second try, too.  Reba encourages Van to try something else and take this as a chance to try something different.  Van decides to be in the school play, but then Brock gets him another chance at the test and playing football.  It turns out the guy Kyra liked likes another girl.  Reba gets Brock to tell Van to do what he wants and he decides to still act in the play.  The football team wins without Van and he no longer feels so much pressure and it actually makes him want to play again.

Special Features

Deleted Scene for “Tea and Antipathy” – This scene is when Kyra returns from hanging with Brock and says they talked and Reba and Jake are totally on to the fact the two just went to the movies and did not actually talk.


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