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Recap Of Dexter Seasons

Updated on August 19, 2013

Dexter is a crime drama series that broadcasts on the Showtime network. The show revolves around the primary antagonist Dexter Morgan (portrayed by Michael C. Hall) who works as a blood splatter analysis for the Miami Metro Police Department who attempts to keep his life as a serial killer secret. Debuting on the Showtime network on the 1st of October in 2006, the show is the most watched original series on the network. Seven seasons have been produced since then, with the eight and what is believed to be the final season of Dexter beginning on the 30th of June this year.

Season 1

The first season of Dexter contains twelve episodes and introduces the main character Dexter Morgan: as a blood splatter analyst who is also a serial killer who targets those who have escaped him in his work. The main antagonist of the season is The Ice Truck Killer: a serial killer who murders prostitutes and leaves their corpses bloodless and severed. As Dexter and his associates investigate this serial killer and his escalating trail of murders throughout the season, the show also focuses on Dexter's relationship with single mother Rita Bennett (portrayed by Julie Benz) and his sister Debra Bennett (portrayed by Jennifer Carpenter), a vice squad officer. When Debra begins to date Rudy Cooper, a man with many secrets. The season leads up to a dramatic showdown between Rudy and Dexter.


Season 2

Also containing twelve episodes, the second season of Dexter follows the consequences of the dramatic finale of the first season. Dexter has not murdered anybody in over a month and his own department begin to launch an investigation into his killings, the anonymous murderer being dubbed by the media as the "Bay Harbor Butcher". Meanwhile, Debra attempts to recover after the efforts made by the Ice Truck Killer to take her life in the previous season and Rita forces Dexter to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings when she believes that he has an addiction. Dexter's dark secret is as close to being revealed as ever before when Sergeant Doakes confronts him, leading to a thrilling finale filled with tension and suspense.


Season 3

The third season of Dexter is set several months after the dramatic events of the second seasons finale, beginning with Dexter murdering an innocent man in self-defense and his girlfriend Rita realizing that she is pregnant. These events in the first episode sets a series of events into motion, with Rita proposing to Dexter and the developing friendship of Dexter and new character Miguel Prado (portrayed by Jimmy Smitts). Miguel soon becomes aware of the murders Dexter is committing and the similar views that they both share, with Miguel beginning to suggest victims for Dexter to kill. The season draws to a close with growing tension between the two men, unparalleled tension and the much anticipated wedding for Rita and Dexter with the finale "Do You Take Dexter Morgan?" which became the shows highest viewed episode at the time of its airing.


Season 4

The fourth season of Dexter began in September 2009, introducing the "Trinity Killer" (portrayed by John Lithgow) as the main antagonist. The series begins after the marriage of Rita and Dexter, who settles down by moving to the suburbs and becoming a dad to baby Harrison. Dexter aids returning character Special Agent Lundy (portrayed by Keith Carradine) to hunt down the "Trinity Killer" who commits his murders in a specific, methodical way: a woman in a bathtub, a mom of two falling from a height and a father being bludgeoned to death. As Dexter eventually discovers the killers identity and even befriends him while keeping distant from the Miami Metro Police Department, he soon realizes exactly how monstrous the Trinity Killer is. The season leads to an end as Dexter once again attempts to take matters into his own, blood stained hands and perform his most satisfying murder to date, all while trying to keep his sister Debra and the police at arms length.


Season 5

The fifth season of Dexter begins with a grief stricken Dexter as the police question him about Rita. As an aura of suspicion surrounds the murder, not following the Trinity Killers previous methodical manner of murder, the police also begin to investigate a new serial killer known as the Santa Muerte Killer with Joey Quinn (portrayed by Desmond Harrington) connecting it to Dexter's alias Kyle Butler. The season continues with Dexter pursuing the serial rapists responsible for harming Lumen (portrayed by Julia Styles) while Quinn begins to close in on his deadly secret. The season concludes with a chilling finale as Dexter puts everything on the line to save Lumen.


Season 6

The sixth season begins as Dexter tries to pick up the pieces of his life. This season features him toying with the idea of religion and spirituality while continuing to work as a heavily into science, forensics technician. However things soon escalate for Dexter as he begins to stalk a pair of religious fanatic serial killers, Professor James Gellar and Travis Marshall, known as the Doomsday Killers (portrayed by Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks respectively). Whilst befriending new character Brother Sam (portrayed by Mos Def) to help him deal with his newfound spirituality, Dexter hunts down the pair of serial killers who attempt to cause the apocalypse through their murders.


Season 7

This season develops the relationship between Dexter and his sister Debra who traumatically discovers Dexter's dark secret and her attempt to cure his homicidal tendencies. However, Dexter has a new target who he attempts to pursue under Debra's nose as a group of Ukranian mobsters known as the Koshka Brotherhood are the main antagonists of the season.


Season 8

The eighth and final season of Dexter is scheduled to begin airing on the Showtime network on the 30th of June 2013.

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