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Recasting Back To The Future.

Updated on August 31, 2015



Yup. It's 2015... And I'm disappointed.
No hoverboards.
No crazy 3D sharks.
No flying cars.
Just Donald Trump and Kanye West.

Maybe we just need to hit refresh.
Maybe we need to grant them an extension.
Maybe... We need a remake.

Marty McFly- Dylan O'Brien

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is 2015.
The life jacket, the skateboard, and Huey Lewis? Not trendy or relatable anymore.
As sad as it sounds, I feel like a nerdy/hipster Marty McFly would be a more accurate representation of the modern teen.
Anyone who has enjoyed Dylan O'Brien's work know he's got "big star" written all over him. He's got an impressive range, a great look, and he's just dying for a breakout performance.
The Maze Runner adaptations have been mildly successful, but re-imaging an iconic character like Marty McFly?
Not so heavy.

Doc Brown- Jim Carrey

Let's be honest.
Part of the reason we love the BTTF movies is the camp.
They're incredibly cheesy! But so, so much fun.
Who embodies campy cheese more than Jim Carrey?
He's been absent from the big screen for quite some time and taking a whack at Christopher Lloyd's iconic character could be a lot of fun for him.

George McFly- Colton Haynes

Now I know what you're thinking.
Colton Haynes?
He's more Biff than George.
But just imagine.
We've seen Haynes as the bad boy on Arrow.
We've seen Haynes as the preppy jerk on Teen Wolf.
Imagine him with greasy hair, Harry Potter sunglasses, and a mismatched outfit.
Imagine Colton Haynes as George McFly playing League of Legends or collecting Pokemon cards instead of going out and trying to get Lorraine or make friends.

Lorraine McFly- Anna Kendrick

Imagine an old Anna Kendrick.
I know, she's still a fox.
Now imagine a young Anna Kendrick playing an old Anna Kendrick.
Who better to go back and forth with a snarky Dylan O'Brien than the girl who once hilariously live-tweeted cleaning out her closet.

Biff Tannen- Alex Pettyfer

Imagine a modern Biff Tannen.
Gone is the popped collar.
Gone is Billy Zane (Yeah. That was Billy Zane. Go back and watch.)
Gone is the pompadour.
Instead, we get a spoiled, entitled brat.
He could drive his daddy's Porsche. He could be captain of the lacrosse team. He could be that guy that we all hated in high school (unless you are that guy... in which case... nice cheekbones).


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