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AMC vs. Regal - which one has better movies

Updated on September 26, 2014
The dilemma.
The dilemma.


AMC is more popular and has more locations throughout NYC. Usually it's very big and the one on 42nd Street has about 25 theater halls. This week on the movie agenda are The Maze Runner, Let's Be Cops, Boyhood, The Expendables 3, The Giver, Hercules, Lucy and The Equalizer, just to name a few interesting ones. The halls are usually quite big and we could say comfortable but there are those that are not at all. I went to see The Giver, which is an excellent movie, at about 6 pm and I was put into a room where my girlfriend and I barely found two empty seats next to each other. Then I realized that the room was exactly that - a room! I didn't even think they would play a movie in such a tiny space. I couldn't even imagine such a miniature space in a theater like AMC. And to think that they have 24 other rooms/halls where movies could be played and that not one was available at that time to play The Giver, it's a little hard to accept. We ended up sitting right in front of the screen. I did not pay $15 for that. Will I go to AMC again? Well, I think I will. Because, like I said, not the same set of movies are being shown in both theaters.

Left or right?

I often find myself standing on 42nd Street desperately in need of watching a movie on a big screen but not being sure which theater to choose. Facing towards west, on the left side I find AMC and on the right side Regal. So, sometimes I choose one, sometimes the other. You can't be in two places at the same time (or can you?). However, these two movie theaters do not offer the same set of movies. And their theaters differ. My goal is to present to you the good and the bad sides of each one, so you can wisely choose between the two.


Regal is a little different story. It does not have miniature rooms. It has tremendous halls. But the number of them is lower than in AMC. And the selection of movies is smaller. However, sometimes, or should I say quite often lately, Regal offers great movies, movies that you can't find in AMC. Those movies include A Walk Among the Tombstones, No Good Deed, This Is Where I Leave You, The November Man and some other ones worth watching. The chairs are very comfortable and the chair arms can be pushed up so you can be closer to your partner. Now, this is a theater of my choice. I do not regret paying $15 when it comes to watching a movie in Regal. However, sometimes they don't show movies that I prefer to watch, or I've already seen in Regal all the ones I wanted to see and then I have to cross the street and seek for my salvation in AMC.

Don't fight over the theaters. There are good sides to each one.
Don't fight over the theaters. There are good sides to each one.

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Final summation

No matter which one of these two theaters you choose, if the movie is good, you will have a good time. There are slight differences (or not so slight in certain cases) but all in all it's an experience you will never forget. Once you start going to movies you will get addicted. Try to sneak in some of your own food and drinks though, because they are quite pricey inside. Also, sometimes you can sneak into another movie and see two movies for the price of one. That's a tip to you when they put you in a miniature room or the staff gives you an attitude. But you did not hear that from me. There's plenty of good movies coming out soon, some of them are out already, so whether you're with someone or by yourself I wish you a super great time.

Think before you decide.
Think before you decide.


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    • Gordan Zunar profile image

      Gordan Zunar 3 years ago from New York

      Thank you for reading it!

    • Deborah-Diane profile image

      Deborah-Diane 3 years ago from Orange County, California

      This is a helpful comparison between the two big movie chains.