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Reign Review: Fated

Updated on March 4, 2014

Synopsis of "Fated"

Nostradamus warns Mary that someone close to her will die. Clarissa becomes even bolder within the castle, Kenna tells Catherine of Diane's plan to legitimize Bash. Francis and Mary grow even closer after Nostradamus's warnings.

Francis And Mary Are Back Together!

After all this tug and pull, Mary and Francis have finally understood that things just work better when they are together. After nearly losing Francis, in the last episode, Mary has begun to understand just how much he means to her. Hotheaded Francis has understood now that things are much simpler when the two of them are honest with their feelings. All is well at the end of last episode and it seems like things between them will be pretty awesome.

However, we can worry about the plot to legitimize Bash as the king's son. That would mean that the throne could be stolen from Francis and could possible change the engagement arrangements between Mary and Francis. It could complicate the whole thing a great deal. We'll have to wait and see how it pans out. Also, readers, keep in mind, that this episode is the LAST of the year. This week's episode is the "Midseason Finale". Reign won't return until January 23, 2014. Alright Readers. Let's see what happened tonight.


Review of "Fated"

Tonight's Midseason Finale of Reign brings things closer to home as Mary and Francis are asked to marry now. This is because of the fact that Mary may inherit the throne to England. She is the only legitimized relative of Queen Elizabeth. With her being sick, King Henry is hoping to gain England in response to this. With Francis and Mary married, he would have control over half of Europe.

Francis and Mary are happy to marry, however, doing so will create new troubles and perhaps start war. The Catholics will accept Mary, but the Protestants are less likely and won't accept her claim to the throne of England. Meanwhile, Kenna discovers that Diane is plotting to legitimize Bash and reveals this to Catherine. This is due to the fact that she wants Diane out of the way and the king for herself. King Henry refuses to let Diane go.

Mary is told of the prophecy foreseen by Nostradamus. At first she does not believe it, but when reminded of the prophecy concerning Tomás's death, she is furthermore convinced. Nostradamus also claims that one of Mary's ladies will die soon.

Catherine makes a request of Diane to poison Kenna. She doesn't trust her and believes she can't be tempered. All is falling downhill. The girl, Clarissa, pushes Aylee off a balcony after poisoning her. She dies by her hands and fulfills another of Nostradamus's prophecies. In reaction to this, Mary leaves France, denounces any claim to the English throne, and allows Bash to accompany her.

The two ride away from the castle while Francis screams after them. It's a very unsettling ending suggesting that the hard times have not ceased. Nostradamus knows of Clarissa and punishes her for committing the act. How are the two acquainted? Is she a relative of someone in the castle? There are still so many questions concerning what will become of Francis and Mary's relationship. Will Mary be able to wed Francis if she were to return? We won't find out until January 23, 2014. So until then...

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My Predictons

On January 25 2014, Reign will return with new episodes after the normal holiday hiatus. Use this time to get caught up if you haven't, follow the Facebook Page, Twitter, and other sites. Show your love for the show. Become an awesome fan! You have to. This show depends on it. Its ratings are strong enough for renewal, but we gotta spread the word about this awesome show!

Based off the previews for Reign's return. it seems like there will be a great deal of backlash for Mary's leaving. I think there will be a great deal of goings on when Mary finally returns. If and when she actually does. There's no other way to go, really. She can't just leave forever. She has to have a home. I think things are about to get really crazy.

  • Bash and Mary will grow closer
  • Francis will resent Mary, possibly blame her for a new psychosis
  • Kenna will never bed King Henry again
  • Catherine will realize she'd rather her son die happy than live a long unhappy life
  • Nostradamus will be pardoned by Mary herself


Star Spotlight

Katie Boland (Clarissa) is in tonight's Star Spotlight. This Canadian actress plays the elusive character named Clarissa. Clarissa lives in the darkest and deepest parts of the castle, helping Mary whenever she cans by leaving her clues throughout the castle.

Katie Boland has played in a great deal of Canadian films and televisions shows. She is most known for playing in independent films such as Some Things That Say, Mount Pleasant, and Daydream Nation. Her latest project is a Canadian film entitled Gerontophilia.

Katie Boland in "The Spirit Game"
Katie Boland in "The Spirit Game" | Source

© 2013 A.E. Williams


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