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Like A Virgin Song: Yesterday and Today

Updated on July 22, 2015
The cover of Madonna's second album "Like A Virgin".
The cover of Madonna's second album "Like A Virgin". | Source

Music and People

People are naturally music-oriented. From their growth and development, they follow a rhythm of life. The rhythm of their lives depends on the people and environment they are living with. These factors influenced their music preference and interpretation.

Moreover, different people interpret the emotion of the song depending on their feelings, experiences and way of life. For example, a love song sounds tickling for happy in love people but this sounds annoying for brokenhearted.

Madonna's Music versus People's View

Songs are also interpreted and revived according to the taste or style of the singer. A perfect example for this is the Queen of Pop, Madonna. As her title say, she is the Queen of Pop, therefore most of her songs are classified as pop. One of her greatest pop hit is Like A Virgin. This dance-pop music from her second album of the same name was released in 1984.

Madonna's Original Version of Like A Virgin

Because of the diversified music interest, this hit by the Queen of Pop become the talk of the town. For varied people, the lyrics of this song are interpreted differently. Many people described the lyrics as ambiguous. Because of its enigmatic meaning, this dance-oriented song has solicited attention and gain popularity in the society.

The popularity of this song called the attention of the critics specifically the family groups. They believed that this song promoted premarital sex. But despite of the criticism, this song leaves a profound effect in the society. The widely and continuous acceptance to this dance-pop song were evident in Madonna’s most recent concert. The MDNA Tour in 2012 visited the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

Madonna's First Concert in the Gulf

A markerAbu Dhabi’s Yas Island Stadium Abu Dhabi -
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
get directions

The MDNA Tour 2012 happened in this place last June 3, 2012.

New Rendition of Like A Virgin

After three decades, “Like A Virgin” remains in the music chart spotlight. Certainly, the acceptance of this song is widely spread across the globe. Hence, it’s not surprising for this song not to influence the avid pop generation today. What is striking and surprising about this ambiguous song is its new rendition and singer.

Sister Cristina Scuccia sings Like A Virgin

Sister Cristina Scuccia during her the Voice Italy days.
Sister Cristina Scuccia during her the Voice Italy days. | Source

The Voice Italy Winner

Sister Cristina Scuccia is an Italian Ursuline nun who won the 2014 season of The Voice Italy.

The viral video on Youtube shows the heavenly beauty and voice of a nun singing “Like A Virgin”. Despite the criticism of the conservative groups thirty years ago, this nun gives the other side meaning of this double-edged song.

From Madonna’s pop-dance genre, Sister Cristina Scuccia’s introduces her divine rendition of the song. The singing-nun rendition garners positive reviews and acceptance. However, just like the outcry over the original song, the transformation of “Like A Virgin” from its original music genre to lay ballad song is not fine to conservative Catholics.

Sister Cristina Scuccia's Rendition of Like A Virgin

Despite the criticism of some groups, Sister Cristina Scuccia confidently holds her interpretation of the song. According to her, the song is about the capacity to love, making people new and rescuing them from their past.

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Author's Note

Something new gains curiosity. This curiosity drives positive and negative feedback. Some people may like it and some may hate it. Just like in music, new hit may earn thumbs up and thumbs down. In short, no one can please everybody. As long as you are not violating the Will of God, everything will be in good path.

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