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Resident Evil, How the game does not match the movie.

Updated on February 13, 2012

What is so different

One thing about developing a game in to a multimillion dollar movies production, is you do not get to develop all the game play a gamer endures through a game into the movie. Production developments take twist and turns and trying to develop some sorts of unique ways to try and stay on the same wavelength while adding a few things of their own. Resident Evil is known for its great series in games and also loved for their awesome movies.

Obvious differences in the games to the movies

Resident evil 1
Resident evil 2 Apocalypse
Resident evil 3 Extinction
Resident evil 4 After life
Jill Valentine was not apart of the movie project.
Claire Redfield was not introduced in the story.
Had nothing to do with Nemesis.
Leon S. Kennedy was not introduced
Alice the main character was never introduced in the original playstation line up.
Leon S kennedy was not introduced in the movie.
Jill Valentine was not introduced into the installement.
The game followed a village in India that followed the release of the Uroboros virus.
Albert Wesker was not introduced in the movie series until the third.
The game followed the location of finding the G-virus, the movie was about Nemesis.
The Game took place in Raccoon City, the movie took place in on a desert area.
Ashley was not introduced into the main series

Resident evil 1

Does anyone remember the game starting out that Jill Valentine and her fellow S.T.A.R.S team being trapped in a open field, by what the game has named the demon Cerberus(the evil dogs). Then they navigate their way into the mansion as a turn of events begin to take a turn for the worse. Although introducing a new Character like Alice into the equation was a good idea it also in some ways was a bad one. I love Milla Jovinche and she is a amazing actress, could they have not just made her Jill her self. I believe adding a New character that offsets the original line up in following the game set-up is a great idea. It opens up more opportunities in the long run to introduce these characters that are apart of the original setup, to tell their stories in different scenarios and be introduced later at the companies convenience, thus ending up in a monotonous amount of sequels. Although Alice was set to guard the Hive in the movie, I thought that would of been an interesting twist had the concept followed its way into the original game for PlayStation. Would of added more suspense to the game, as you navigated through the horror of Spencer's Manor. It is odd what played a huge part in the games complications at least for me was the hunters. Which was not a concept brought to any of the installment in the movies that they have made thus far. If you played the original PS1 game you know they we're tough to take down, especially able to knock your head off with one blow. As well as Tyrant, also was not introduced into the movie that was the main antagonist besides Wesker himself, but you did not find that out to the end anyway for the PS1 game. Rebbecca Chambers was not introduced, which no one would know unless you played the original story line with Chris Redfield, and played her own story line on Resident Evil 0. Along with Barry Burton who yet has been introduced into the installment. ( Although a spoil alert, my connections tell me that they will be appearing in the new installment of Resident Evil Retribution.

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