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Resurrection -- Dem Bones, Dem Crazy Bones

Updated on October 13, 2014

Shall we gather at the river...

Pastor Tom has gathered some returned at the river to re-baptize them so they can give up their old life and begin their new life. Babs the Betrayer is the first to be dunked in the water. As she's leaving the water she notices something under the surface and picks it up. It's a human skull, at which point she starts screaming.

It seems Granny Langston decided to dump the bodies she unearthed at the factory in the river, and it was Pastor Tom's bad luck to pick the wrong spot to hold his baptisms. When Maggie is called in she determines three of the bodies are from the same person and surmises these were possibly the first returned. Her examination also reveals they were murdered. Since these bodies date back to the 1930's, figuring out who they are is going to be quite the challenge.

Hearing about this brings home to Bellamy that he's currently inhabiting a duplicate of his old body and he becomes obsessed to see his dead body. Loved the name he gave the woman in charge, Gov't Bitch. Really fits. She'll only give him what he wants if she gets something in return. To get his body back, he betrays Maggie and tells her about the bones found at the river and that they may be the bones of the first returned. While government men raid Maggie's house and seize the bones, Pastor Tom is holding a burial for Bellamy's body. Meanwhile Marty is starting to wonder about his true origins. Since only Arcadia residents are returning from the dead with fresh new bodies, Marty is wondering if he was originally an Arcadia resident himself.

Fred is haunted by memories of finding the body of Babs the Betrayer's body when she died years ago. He looks for clues to who the bones might be. He goes down to the bridge and sees a torn piece of material stick on the bridge. Fred seems to recognize it as he heads to the old Langston Furniture Factory. He goes right to the secret hiding where Granny Langston uncovered the bodies and finds a small bone she missed. So did Fred know the bones were there? Did he have any part in the murder of the people those bones once were?

Granny Langston drops by the see Maggie to put in a good word for Fred. She tells Maggie that Fred is right about the returned. That they're no saints and they did nothing in life to deserve another chance. This rattles Maggie a bit. It also gets her to open the lines of communication with her father, again. However, he lies to her about what he found at the factory when she asks if he's had any leads on the bones found.

Granny Langston seems to be having a bad effect on Jacob. He's no longer close to his parents and agrees with what Granny has to say. Granny thinks Jacob should attend school, but Lucille is worried about it, considering how the town's people acted about Jacob before. But they give into Jacob and enroll him in school. They're a bit stung when the teacher thinks they're Jacob's grandparents.

Lucille doesn't seem thrilled to have Granny Langston back. Not only has she usurped her relationship with Jacob, Granny goes through all of Lucille's cupboards and re-arranges things, declaring she doesn't know how they could find anything with the mess the cupboards were in. And when Henry declares he's going to re-open the only furniture place, she wonders if it's because of Granny Langston. Henry claims it's because he used to have a routine of Jacob going off to school and him going off to the factory and after Jacob died he just couldn't do it. Now that Jacob's back, he wants to go back to that routine. Although, one has to wonder if his mother isn't really behind it. She made it pretty clear how she felt about Henry letting the factory go to wreck and ruin.

Everyone is wondering why Deputy Carl is looking so tired. It's because he has a secret house guest at home. A returned house guest. His belching and bullying big brother Mike, who is constantly demanding that Carl fetch and carry for him. When Carl makes a steak for Mike, he throws it on the floor and orders Carl to eat it off the floor. Carl finally has enough and goes and gets his gun and empties it into belching bullying Mike's back.

Then Carl drags Mike's body to the basement and buries him. Just as he drops the last piece of dirt on his grave, he hears someone coming in the front door. It's belching bellying brother Mike who says he's hungry and wants to know what Carl did to his chair.

I guess the question is did Carl kill Mike the first time he died. Mike made a comment about how he took care of their parents. It sounds like Carl and Mike have their own little Murder Incorporated going on in regards to their own family. This seems to be further proof that it isn't just the nice people coming back from the dead.

One thing Maggie and Marty surmised was that if a returned basically evaporates into think air the way Caleb did, they can't come back. Of course, the question is just what makes them evaporate into thin air. Why do some get sick and evaporate and others remain healthy and keep regenerating into new bodies no matter how many times their killed.

I guess we also have to ask just who were the first returned and why did they start coming back. And if it started happening back in the 1930's why did it take so long for more returned to start coming back?


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