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Resurrection -- Is This Only Happening In Arcadia?

Updated on March 18, 2014

Why are the dead returning?

The series begins with a little boy waking up in a rice paddy in a rural part of China. His name is Jacob and he comes from a town called Arcadia. Marty is assigned to take him home, but he gets way more that he's bargained for when he takes Jacob home to his parents. His father, Henry, says that that can't be Jacob, since his son died 32 years ago.

Henry's wife, Lucille, however knows her son when she sees him and knows Jacob has returned to her. When Jacob suddenly has a seizure he's taken to the hospital. A DNA test is performed and it proves he's Henry and Lucille's son, but Henry still won't believe it. When Jacob's Cousin Maggie first tries to hear his heart beating there's no beat then when she tries again, it's beating again.

Jacob remembers dying and what he remembers rocks Maggie's world. Instead of her mother dying when she tried to save Jacob, Jacob reveals she was with a man and he was the one who tried to save her. Fred, who is Maggie's father, eventually admits his wife was having an affair. When she goes to confront the man who was at the lake with her mother when she died, she asks if he's her father and he says no. But he also seems to be hiding something as after she leaves, he goes into his house and tells someone, "They found us."

Jacob isn't the only resurrection of a formerly dead resident. A man named Caleb Richardson returns to Arcadia and goes to see his daughter Elaine. She's thrilled to see him, but her brother isn't and doesn't believe he's their father.

Their seems to be something very sinister about Caleb. Jacob has a dream about him whistling in the graveyard and both Jacob and Caleb disintegrate. Caleb lies about having amnesia and waking up in Portland, but he remembers very well that he died. And he even has the note Elaine stuck in his coat jacket as he laid in the casket at his funeral.

After Caleb's funeral he was cremated so there's no way to test if he's the same person as the body in his grave. However, Jacob hasn't been cremated and Marty wants to exhume is body. Henry uses his brother the sheriff to stop it from happening, however Marty goes over Fred's head and gets the exhumation order.

Meanwhile, Caleb is doing a little exhuming himself. He goes into the woods and appears to be digging up a woman's body. While he does he has flashbacks of originally digging the hole and having a heart attack.

The townspeople aren't taking too well to Jacob. His former playmate is all grown-up now and pastor of the church. Jacob's return gives him a crisis of faith and he doesn't know how to deal with the situation. Lucille calls Tom over to the house and Jacob realizes he's his friend Tom all grown-up, but the bond seems to still be there as Tom and Jacob end up playing video games together.

The other townspeople aren't so welcoming or open to Jacob as Tom is. When Lucille takes Jacob to play at the park with the other children in town all the parents take their children away, not wanting them to associate with Jacob. Marty advises Lucille it might be better for her to lie about who Jacob really is and things might get ugly with the townspeople. She, however, refuses to do that. Then Caleb shows up at the park when Jacob is playing and advises him to lie.

So far, I'm really liking this show, however that it's on ABC gives me pause. The last good show ABC had that I liked was Last Resort and ABC put it in a show death time slot and never even gave it another chance on another day and time. And it doesn't really have the best time slot on Sunday. It's stuck between two failing shows: Once Upon A Time and Revenge. I also see on the IMDB message board the religious right complaining about it. I remember when GCB was on Sunday nights and it was a good show but the religious right complained about it, too. So it could have a very iffy future.

I also see people trying to declare it the new Lost. It seems every time a show has an ensemble cast and it has a mystery at its core it's the new Lost. Sorry, Losties but there were plenty of other shows of this genre before Lost every existed and most of those shows didn't bomb so badly in their last season that the show's became virtually unwatchable again.

As for the mystery, is Arcadia the only town that the dead are returning alive to or is it happening all over the world? And why if these people died in Arcadia and they appearing alive in different places all over the world? Jacob died in Arcadia but he was resurrected in a paddy field in China. If Caleb was telling the truth, he was resurrected in Portland.

And just why have these people been resurrected? Why did it take 32 years to resurrect Jacob? There seems to be no rhyme or reason to who is getting resurrected. The only connection Jacob and Caleb seem to have is through Jacob's cousin, Maggie. Maggie is Caleb's daughter Elaine's best friend and she's Jacob's cousin. If the next person that gets resurrected has a connection to Maggie, as well, if she somehow the key to this whole thing?

On a personal front will Henry ever be able to accept that Jacob is his son returned from the dead and just what will be found in Jacob's coffin? And what of the townspeople? Just what will they do when they realize more and more former dead residents of Arcadia are returning from the dead? Will they try and kill them to right what they consider the wrong that's occurred with them being alive? And can these resurrected people even be killed?


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