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Return to the Fore: Charlie Sheen's Redemptive Potential

Updated on August 30, 2017

What's Up with Charlie?


The Sheen Effect

Tiger blood and bizarre tirades against his former wife Denise Richards aside, Charlie Sheen’s announcement on National Broadcasting Company (NBC) that he’s HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) positive ought to elicit responses from those afflicted with the disease. The virus, which infects 36.9 million people the world over, ought to give greater light as Earvin “Magic” Johnson did over two decades ago. Notoriety has plagued Mr. Sheen these past few years. His status as an out-of-control weirdo has been cemented by his rampant drug use and wanton sexual acts. By being diagnosed at least four years ago, Mr. Sheen’s decision to come out with the truth only underscores his final acceptance of his behavior. It is because of his irrational inclinations that he must suffer this affliction. But like Mr. Johnson, with his millions, he ought to be able to brave this malady through constant drug administration (the prescribed and unabused type, of course).

It is to his credit that he is coming to the fore with this information. Either that or he can stop paying people to keep the condition a secret. Whatever the case, Mr. Sheen seems like a relaxed, lucid individual. His interview with Matt Lauer showed him to be quick and responsive and coherent. But what does his future hold? With the treatment plan that he is currently on, he should expect to live a full and happy life. Though he may experience side effects from the drug regimen, he will at least live to see more days than others with HIV. His sobering confession stands in contrast with his “WINNING” mantra which deflected any problem that stood in his way. Mr. Sheen appears to have delved deeply within himself and gone through some transformation. To finally “man up” and confront his demons, Mr. Sheen has done himself a good service. While his strange antics remain tabloid fodder, he ought to use this attention as a second chance.

He ought to develop some organization(for profit) which will encourage youths to get tested and know their status. He might want to open up a clinic (in his name) which would teach all walks of life that understanding the dangers of living on the edge. His grimey past might present to at-risk persons a wake-up-call. They may realize the horrors they might have committed and learn to face tomorrow wiser than they were previously. If he’s actually serious about his current condition and willing to brave the barrage of criticism, Mr. Sheen just might have a completely new take on existence. To keep up this good position, he will need reason, purpose, and self-esteem. It’s up to him if he wants to live a life in full, no matter the ailment. Though his reputation may never be repaired, Mr. Sheen could be on the cusp of achieving some semblance of moral rectitude. For his family, for his friends, and most important for himself, he ought to acknowledge this moment as an example of redemption.


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