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Revenge -- Bill-ill, I want to bury you-oo

Updated on September 29, 2011

This week's target: Bill Harmon

Bill Harmon is Emily's next target, this week. He was once a good and close friend to her father. He was even the man that gave Emily her puppy as a child. He was also an inside trader who should have gone to prison for his crimes; instead his testimony sent David Clarke to jail, instead.

Emily baits the hook and he swallows it hook, line and sinker. She makes him think she got an inside tip from Nolan that he's going to become involved with Allcom Cellular, and Bill invests all his clients money in it. When it blows up in his face and Nolan announces he's going with another cellular company, Bill scrambles to cover his butt, but Miss Emily had earlier hacked into his computer for a list of his clients and she calls up each and everyone. Busted! And this time there will be no selling out of an innocent man to keep himself out of jail. Satisfied with her revenge, Emily crosses his face off her picture of the group shot of all her targets.

We didn't see the last of Lydia Davis. She popped up wanting money from Conrad. It seems Emily did a little more to Lydia than she appeared to do last week. Instead of settling for just outting her to Queen Victoria, Emily also send photos she had of Lydia and Conrad in in flagrante delicto to Lydia's husband, who threw her out and is divorcing her.

You know, I'm really too vengeful, because I'd want to also let the people I took down, know it wasn't just happenstance and that they'd gotten their for what they did to David Clarke. Of course, Emily can't do that, as they would know it was her doing it on purpose, instead of supposedly innocently causing their downfalls.

In other potentially revenge plotting, Emily continues to get close to Daniel Grayson. They spend some time at his polo match and he takes her out on a first date. Their first kiss is interrupted by a surprise welcome party for her. None of the partygoers know it's actually Emily's birthday. None but Nolan, who brings along Jack and his dog [Emily's old dog] Sammy. Emily isn't pleased because she's trying to stay away from Jack like he's got a disease she doesn't want to catch.

I don't think I'm supposed to like Nolan Ross, but I find myself liking him the most of all the characters. He seems like a sad little guy. He buys Jack's boat and wants him to be his friend, so he ultimately makes a deal to give Jack back his boat at the end of summer if Jack pretends to be friends with him. He also wants to be partners with Emily in her revenge plan, because her father was the only one to have faith in him and to give him money to start his own company, which has allowed him to become rich. Only Emily likes to work alone.

More of Jack's home life was explored. His father wasn't happy when he learned Jack sold his boat to get him out of his financial trouble, but Jack talked him around to accepting it. Jack's little brother, Declan, is a bit of a jerk. To impress Charlotte Grayson, who has a boyfriend named Adam, he plans to use Jack's boat for a party. Only problem is Jack just sold the boat to Nolan, so he ends up looking like a fool in front of Charlotte and all her rich friends when they head to the dock and the boat isn't there. Still trying to score with Charlotte, he PM's her, only Adam sees it and sets up a fake meeting. Instead of the romantic night Declan is envisioning, Adam arrives with his rich friends and beats the crap out of him. Thankfully, Declan's father arrives and chases them off. Is Declan grateful to his father? No, he calls his father a loser and runs off. Right after that his father collapses to the floor. When Jack comes home from Emily's welcome party, he finds his father on the floor and he's not breathing. Declan comes downstairs bemoaning, "What have I done."

Queen Victoria does not like Emily. She tries to buy the beach house out from under Emily to get rid of her, but Nolan outbids Vicky and gives the house to Emily. Emily takes great pleasure in pretending she just got the news the beach house is her in front of Vicky to rub her nose in it that she didn't win this one. Victoria also has the head of security at Conrad's company investigate Emily's past. Her final order to Frank is to start following Emily. She claims she's doing it because Daniel is interested in her, but on some unconscious level I think Queen Vicky knows she's got an enemy in her midst.

The name Emily Thorne doesn't seem to be just a fake name Amanda used to infiltrate the ranks of her enemies to take them down one-by-one. Except for a two year lapse from when she was 16 to 18, Emily Thorne lived a life, so it seems like there is a real Emily Thorne. That's the only way Amanda Clarke can check out when she's investigated as Emily Thorne. It seems after Nolan told Amanda she was rich when she was getting out of jail, she became Emily Thorne. There were pictures of Amanda as Emily Thorne. It appears she spent some time developing a life as Emily Thorne before enacting her revenge plan, so if anyone investigated her as Emily Thorne, she'd check out. I suppose it's also possible her money allowed her to construct a fake identity that checked out if investigated. But if so, why the two year gap.

I do wonder if head of security, Frank, will be Emily's next target, since he'd seem like the perfect person to frame David Clarke for the crime he was accused of.


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