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Revenge -- It's Time To Pull The Plug On This Show

Updated on January 20, 2014

Unfortunately, ABC Exec thinks it should go on for years more

I really think this show should have been like Betrayal and just been a one season show. Unfortunately, the writers and the network seem intent on seeing this show continue, even though their so-called heroine isn't the least bit root-worthy any longer. Although I get the feeling the writers don't get that. They don't seem to get the characters they want us to root for are disgusting and dispicable.

We're expected to root for Emily because she's avenging her father's death, but we're supposed to root against Niko who is also trying to avenge her father's death because one of Emily's mice killed him. We're also supposed to root for Nolan Mouse tricking Niko and sending her after someone who didn't kill her father, but who they want dead for killing someone Team Clarke liked.

It's the same with this vengeful rodent wanting to punish Patrick for daring to protect his mother. We're supposed to root for the vengeful rodent when he protects his precious Mouse Queen, but when someone wants to do the same for their mother than we're supposed to see them as the bad guy. Nolan Mouse tricked Patrick to come over to his place so his Mouse Queen and Aidan Mouse could frame his mother for a murder that didn't even happen. Then the vengeful rodent gets his knickers in a knot when Patrick is loyal to his mother and doesn't choose him and his Mouse Queen over her. Now he's going to reveal to Patrick he's a rape baby because Patrick was trying to protect his mother from the vile monsters that drugged and tried to frame her. And we're supposed to root for this vile vermin because they're all on Team Clark. This is how twisted the writers of this show think.

We're also supposed to root for the trash that was rubbing her crotch up against another man before marrying Daniel calling someone who actually loves him trash. We're supposed to root for her ruining a real love relationship so this soulless shrew can get her revenge on someone who had nothing to do with her father's downfall. We're supposed to see the soulless shrew as a victim because Daniel shot her because he found out she lied about being pregnant to trick him into marrying her because she needed to use him to get his mother in the right place to frame her and afterwards she would make him think both her and their child had been murdered by his mother. But the writers really think we're supposed to see this psychotic bitch as the victim and root for her.

We're also supposed to root for Conrad becoming one of her mice after she made him think he was dying and was poisoning him which lead to the death of the priest she had framed and was blackmailing to get Conrad to confess to his crimes.

I guess we're all supposed to be wringing are hands over the psychotic monster having blackouts where she does things she can't remember. Like screwing Conrad. Please, if she had thought of it before this, she would have done it of her own freewill.

So to recap. Nolan made sure Patrick discovered he was the product of Victoria being raped. He also set Niko up to kill the man who planted the bomb at Graysons who he's framed as being responsible for her father's murder because Team Clarke doesn't have the guts to kill him to avenge Declan's death themselves. Meanwhile the psychotic monster succeeded in destroying Daniel and Sara's relationship and in the process ruined Sara's relationship with her mother. And wannabe Emily lackey Conrad doctored an article in Daniel and Margaux's magazine so Margaux would be forced to dump Daniel and take Conrad on as her partner, instead.

And in the line of Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Jack declared he's in love with Margaux and wanted to look for a place for them to live. Considering these two have nothing in common and it's a mystery why these two are even together, other than giving Jack something to do on the show, it was a bit hard to swallow.

And that's basically what this show has digressed to and why it needs to have the plug pulled on it. The writers thinking we should root for the vile cretins that make up Team Clarke against the other characters who are actually sympathetic and who aren't soulless monsters like those on Team Clarke. And there are sadly people who actually go along with the show's party line and do root for the monsters that make up Team Clarke, and I guess that's who this show is for.

I think I only started watching this show again to see the soulless shrew get shot and the hopes the Graysons would finally discover who she was and maybe it would be them who would try to get revenge on her for all she's done. Unfortunately, she's been shot and she's more vile than ever and nothing has really changed. And the writers just don't get how unlikable this character is and how truly vile and unsympathetic she is. So I think it's time to say adios to this show permanently now that Betrayal has wrapped up.

Whenever I watch an episode of this show since she was shot I feel like I just got bathed in filth having to watch the vile members of Team Clarke victimizing whomever doesn't worship at their feet and who they declare is the enemy. It's just become a very ugly show where the ugliest characters are put forward as the characters you should root for. Right now the only two characters that are worth rooting for are Victoria and Patrick since they're the only two that seemed to have a soul and real emotions while the rest of the characters are nothing but empty vessels with no redeeming values.

With the dumping of this show, again, I realize that I now only watch 1 show on this network and it's Grey's Anatomy. That's not a good thing to say about a network that once was my number one viewing network, but it really has nothing to offer anymore. They really need to come up with some fresh programming and fast.


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    • philabustah profile image

      Philip 3 years ago from Boston, MA.

      Ah, I like it! I see someone who has the exact same thoughts about this show. I recently wrote a like hub. My aim is at the writing in particular, which is pouring out poor. How did these people get their jobs? Maybe the aim is to get us rooting for the billionaire? I don't know. It seems they are trying to make Jack a sympathetic figure. Notice how it looks like he's almost crying in every scene and painted as the picture of virtue? Are you serious??? Maybe if they called it 'The Island of Dementia and Narcissism' it would be better. The only thing I'm rooting for is the whole show to end!