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Revenge -- Nolan Betrays Emily And So Does Daniel

Updated on May 3, 2012

Emily forgives Nolan but not Daniel

There was a lot of backstabbing and betrayal in this episode. This was actually one of my favorite episodes of the entire season.

As the episode opened Daniel was still cooling his heels in Riker's waiting to see if the authorities really believed that Lee Moran killed Tyler; and Amanda was still reeling from the revelation that her father was murdered by the Graysons.

Amanda drops by to see how Charlotte is and finds her perusing a bunch of old stories and books on David Clarke. Since no one will tell her the truth about him, or anything about him, she's trying to find out the truth for herself. She shows Amanda a picture of David that Victoria had hidden in her jewelry box and it was taken the day he died. It shows David writing in a journal and Amanda realizes it's a journal that's been kept from her.

Amanda calls Nolan about the missing journal and he plays dumb. But as he's playing dumb he's opening his safe and taking it out. Unfortunately for Nolan, Amanda is standing behind him as he's doing it. He tells her the journal was something her father wouldn't want her to read. David had become paranoid and he was just protecting her by not showing it to her. Amanda takes it and tells him she wants nothing more to do with him.

Upon reading it, Amanda learns David had someone named CM who was trying to help him prove his innocence. The David who wrote in this journal had finally realized he'd been played and played hard. Right after he wrote about CM helping him, a guard stabbed him and he died.

Amanda figures out that the CM was Carole Miller. She was Conrad's secretary. She discovers Carole died right after David did. She sneaks in the hospital record room to get a copy of her death certificate and calls her attending physician. He says he doesn't recall any Carole Miller but the description of the lady sounds like Carole Thomas and she's very much alive.

Amanda tracks down Carole pretending to be a member of Homeland Security. Just as Amanda spots a picture of Carole with Nolan, Carole pulls a shot gun on Amanda. Nolan comes downstairs and explains Carole is his aunt. That he kept the journal from her to protect his aunt. Carole explains that Nolan believed in David's innocence so Carole started to look into things, but the day David was murdered Nolan feared Carole could be next so they faked her death. The only clue Carole has to the identity of the man who killed David was this white-haired man with blue eyes who showed up at Grayson a few times and who seemed to unnerve Conrad.

Apparently, Conrad crossed the line with Victoria when he drove The Artist away. She vows she's going to get even with him. Her way is to contact the authorities demanding immunity as she turns Conrad in for being a domestic terrorist.

Declan sees Charlotte and her ex-boyfriend Andrew taking pills. He rats her out to the principal and she vows she'll get her father to stop paying his school tuition. Nolan offers to pay Declan's tuition and Jack agrees to it.

Jack goes to visit Amanda. He says there's something he wants to tell her. Before he can say what he came to say, Amanda gets a call from Daniel saying he's been released. Jack leaves without telling Amanda whatever it is he wanted to tell her. He later goes to Daniel and tells him what really happened on the beach and that the bloody hoodie belonged to him, not Lee Moran. He suggests to Daniel his family killed Lee Moran to frame him for Tyler's murder to get Daniel off the hook.

Daniel goes and confronts his father. Conrad tells him Victoria was behind his prison beating to get him off the hook. He also tells Daniel he's in trouble and he wants Daniel to look after Charlotte and rebuild the family name when he's gone. He finally tells Daniel the truth about David Clarke and everything they did to him. Amanda is listening on her hidden bug and feels sure Daniel will turn on his family learning what he just has.

Unfortunately, he proves he's more his father's son than Amanda thought he was. Instead of turning on Conrad, he publicly supports his father and says someone's trying to frame him. This convinces Amanda to go through with marrying Daniel and to uncover the identity of the man who murdered her father. But it seems she doesn't need to marry Daniel to find out that. Looking at the picture that was hidden in Victoria's jewel box of David she sees a man with white hair near David dressed as a prison guard. She also sees the same man about to come into Conrad's office as he's being interviewed about David Clarke. Now she just needs to find out who he is.

Meanwhile, Victoria tries to reach out to Charlotte too little, too late. She sees all the articles on David Clarke and believes Charlotte is taking pills because she found out he's her father. She tells Charlotte she loves her because he reminds her of David and that he was a good man. When they go together to visit David's grave they find the red rose Amanda left behind when she visited his grave, earlier.

Daniel seems poised to follow in Conrad's footsteps as he goes back to work for Grayson. Conrad has also offered Ashley a job. Brooks' offered her a job, but Victoria outted her to Brooks that she was the one who released the photos of Daniel to the press, so he no longer wants Ashley working for him. Conrad, however, does. He gifts her with a new job and I think Conrad is grooming her to be his new Lydia.

Despite all the revelations things seem to be back to the status quo. Amanda and Nolan are back on track after their brief break-up. Amanda is still out to get her revenge. And it remains to be seen if Conrad will finally go down for the crime he framed David Clarke for.

The moment I've been waiting for since the show started is for Victoria to find out who Amanda is. I'm hoping before the season comes to a close, she finally does.


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