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Revenge Review

Updated on September 22, 2011



Review of Revenge

Emily Vancamp plays Emily Thorn who is seeking revenge against Mrs. Victoria Grayson in the South Hamptons. The show opens with the death of Emily Thorns finance Daniel Grayson. And then there is a flash back to five months before when Emily Thorn first moves to the Hamptons. She rents her old home and targets Ms. Victoria Grayson. Through another series of flash backs Ms. Thorn's childhood is revealed and then it is revealed Emily Thorn is an assumed name.

Ms. Thorn makes Mr. Grayson quite ill while he is with his mistress and then inadvertently lets it slip that Victoria's best friend is having an affair with her husband..Ooops. And Ms. Thorn makes her move on Daniel Grayson.

Nolan recognizes Emily Thorn as Amanda Clark a juvenille criminal. Amanda Clark is one if the richest people in the Hamptons who struggles with forgiveness.

Madeline Stowe is excellent as the evil Victoria and Emily Vancamp has an impressive debut. It was a pretty good premiere. It was a little like a night time soap opera but not too much. The plot was that of overly sophisticated peope leading really too complex lives and are in way over there head.


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