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Revenge -- The Initiative

Updated on October 15, 2012

Yep, now there's some big Initiative

I wonder if they could be setting up for someone to murder Amanda Clarke when everyone figures out who she really is and everything she’s done to them. She does seem to become more foul with each passing episode. Especially with the crap she’s pulling on the real Emily Thorne. Unfortunately, with the crack Victoria made to Charlotte suggesting Amanda Clarke wasn’t really her sister, I’m guessing Mama Clarke will reveal that David Clarke wasn’t really her father, and her quest for next season will be finding her real bio-dad. That’s if this show gets renewed for another season, which I really doubt.

Aiden aka Donatello is proof a handsome face and an accent doesn’t equal an interesting character. The character is about as interesting as a piece of wood. As is his back story with Amanda. As I said before, the whole Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff makes the story seem even more lamer than it’s becoming. Now she was out to take down The Initiative, but when this thing started she was just out to get the Grayson’s for what they did to her father and she knew nothing about White Hair, so how could she know about The Initiative he worked for? Talk about losing the plot..

Anyway, Amanda pulls the “I thought we were family” BS on Emily when she doesn’t want to deliver to Charlotte a fake David Clarke journal Amanda came up with. Only problem is from the moment Emily showed up Amanda has been trying to get rid of her. So much for them being family. Family doesn’t lie to family about who the father of their baby is, either. Apparently, the reason she did, was so she’d have a way to blackmail Emily into doing her bidding for her. Somehow this is supposed to get Victoria to tell Amanda where her Mommy is, which makes no sense.

Turns out Donatello has met Mama Clarke, he just doesn’t realize it. She’s running the motel where White Hair was staying. Turns out Mama Clarke was romantically involved with White Hair and even left a message saying she loved him, which Amanda later hears.

Jack and Daniel are still under Amanda’s spell as she’s secretly plotting against them and their family. She advises Daniel to only pretend to be on Team Victoria to secretly plot against his mother when Daniel gets an envelope delivered to him that proves to him Victoria faked her whole kidnapping plot. Let me guess who delivered that to him. Meanwhile Jack thanks Amanda for having his back and being Emily’s friend, when she blackmailing and using Emily for all she’s worth.

Declan, who is just too dumb for words, breaks in to a Mr. Ryan’s house with his new rich buddy, Trey Chandler. Of course, Declan being Declan he drops his ID and Mr. Ryan comes to the bar to see Jack to tell him Declan robbed him. In return for returning what he took, he says he won’t press charges against Declan. Exactly why is Declan still on this show? He adds absolutely nothing to the plot.

After reading the fake journal Emily brings her, Charlotte rushes in while Victoria is being interviewed about her ordeal, revealing she’s David Clarke’s daughter. In the process, Daniel learns he’s the last person to find out that Victoria was alive. Daniel calls out Victoria for faking her kidnapping, and she throws it back in his face for siding with Conrad over her.

Victoria decides to take control to do some damage control and Amanda blackmails Emily to stay for the press conference by threatening to tell Jack he’s not the father of her baby. While Victoria is talking in front of the press and calling all her family up on stage, including Emily, to present a united front; Conrad gets a call from The Initiative about Victoria’s accusations against White Hair. Later, Conrad tells her that thanks to her stunt they’re now back in bed with The Initiative and that they’re going to get remarried. I wonder if Conrad would be so hot to remarry her if he knew her deal with White Hair involved killing Conrad and splitting Charlotte's inheritance between them?

Meanwhile Emily’s chances of getting married to Jack are looking slim to none; because he saw her on TV over at the Graysons and she lied to him where she was going. Earlier, he made it clear he wanted her to stay clear of the Graysons. He says this is the last time he puts up with her lies and doesn’t think he can commit to her. Thanks Amanda.

This is what I mean when I say they could set up a great murder mystery for who killed Amanda if everyone finds out all the crap she’s done and who she really is. Jack, Daniel, Emily, Charlotte, Victoria and Conrad would all probably have a good reason to want to kill her.


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