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Revenge -- The Senator Likes Women

Updated on October 8, 2011

Senator Kingsley, come on down. You're the next contestant on Emily's revenge tour

There was actually a movie called, The Senator Likes Women. It was one of the most dirtiest movies I ever saw as a teenager. It was like copping a look into a nudie magazine. It was on channel 62's Movies All Night. Those were the days local stations used to play movies all night. It was before Infomercials became the rage. I miss those days. Anyway, when I was on summer vacation, I felt it was my sworn duty to stay up until the crack of dawn watching movies all night. Of course, at six I'd finally crash and then would have to try and wake-up in time to see The Edge Of Night when it came on at 10:30 in the morning. Sometimes I didn't make it.

Anyway, this senator couldn't stop himself from pinching women's bottom, but the catholic church was worried one of these women would talk, and ruin his political career so they'd kill them, dip them in plaster and put them up as statues in the church. When the senator decided he no longer wanted to be a senator, he too got dipped in plaster and put up in the church as a saint. It was made in Italy by someone who apparently didn't like The Pope or the catholic church.

On to this week's episode. Both our blondes pretending to be someone their not began this week's episode with a nightmare. Ringer's Bridget dreams Andrew knew she wasn't Siobahn, while Emily dreamed Victoria found out she was Amanda. The part of the dream that killed me was Victoria declaring, "Did you think you could fool me?" I'm like, who the heck do you think you are, lady? That line reminded me of that "Do you know who I am? I'm Erica Kane" nonsense from All My Children.

Anyway, Sammy shows up at Emily's house, while Jack is dealing with the aftermath of his father's death. I was actually hoping he would be saved. Anyway, Declan is acting like the little jerk he is and refusing to go with Jack to spread their father's ashes. You'd think he could do that much considering his last moment with his father was to call him a loser. Sorry, Declan, honey, the loser is you. And in more ways than one.

Declan's mind is still on Charlotte, as well was wanting to get some revenge on her boyfriend, Adam. Nolan shows him how to hack into Adam's webcam and sees him cheating on Charlotte with another girl. When Charlotte receives a video from Declan you think it's of Adam and his piece on the side. Instead it's a vid of Declan asking Charlotte to give him a chance. It was actually a smart move. While outting Adam from the cheating lowlife he is would be the right thing to do, they always shoot the messenger. By not revealing it, he actually has a better chance of landing Charlotte than he would if he'd sent the video showing what a rat her boyfriend is.

As bizarre as it sounds, Emily and Victoria actually have something in common. Both hates Senator Kingsley who was the man who prosecuted David Clarke. It turns out that Victoria went to Kingsley to try and save David, but Conrad and Kingsley cut a deal, so Kingsley sent to prison a man he knew was innocent. I'm not sure David or Emily know what Victoria did. So it seems Victoria really did love David. A flashback she has of David giving her a pair of earrings seems to prove that.

I know Emily doesn't like Nolan, but so far in her revenge plot, he's helped her a lot. Tonight is no exception. Emily hacks into Kingsley's computer uploads a video of him having sex with someone who isn't his wife. This certain someone got pregnant with his child and he paid her to have an abortion. If this tidbit comes out it'll be the end of the career he created on the back of David Clarke.

Emily was actually a busy girl in this episode. Kingsley wasn't the only one on her revenge-plate. She also added a side dish of Daniel. When Daniel took her out to dinner, she manipulated things so Patrick, a waiter at the restaurant, would come to their table and encounter Daniel. Patrick's sister, Sarah, is Daniel's ex-girlfriend. Daniel was driving drunk and broke Sarah's back. His parents paid her medical bills, but made him promise never to see her again. Emily convinces Daniel to go see Sarah and apologize for what he did to her. When Victoria finds out about it she's not pleased.

Victoria's suspicions have grown so much in regards to Emily, she believes Emily played a part in Lydia's husband, Michael, left her. Victoria is right, but not in the way she thinks. It turns out that Michael's new significant other, Cameron, was introduced to him by Emily.

At the party as the senator announces his retirement from politics both Victoria and Emily smile. So the downfall of Kingsley may have been a combined effort neither woman is aware of. As the senator began giving his speech a message come on his laptop, just as his ex-mistress entered the back of the room and she was very pregnant. Apparently, she didn't have the abortion, after all. The computer hacking seemed to be the work of Nolan and Emily, but the mistress showing up may have been the work of Victoria, as they later found out someone had been texting the senator's mistress money for a month and the messages came from within the Grayson household.

Emily isn't satisfied with the senator just resigning, since she wants him destroyed the same way he did her father, and tells Nolan she's releasing the sex tape to the media.

On Emily's romantic front, she returns Sammy to Jack, once again, when he runs off and comes to her. She notices Jack's boat was named after her, and makes a hasty retreat. She may also be developing some kind of feelings for Daniel. She seems affected when Daniels vows never to lie to her.

A crazy idea popped into my head when I saw the promo for next week's show. Is it possible Charlotte could be David Clarke's daughter? If so, that could seriously throw Miss Emily's revenge plan for a loop.


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