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Revenge -- Victoria's Memorial Day Memorial

Updated on October 1, 2012

I kind of felt like the season two opener was a retread of the season one pilot. It’s Labor Day and a dead body is discovered. Only this time Jack’s boat The Amanda has sunk in Rhode Island and a man’s body is found amongst the wreckage. Then we flashback to Memorial Day.

I was also hoping this whole Mr. T stuff would be dropped this season. It’s just too Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for me with Mr. T being the sensei rat. Once again T is yapping that Amanda fell off the path and wants her to get back on it. Hence the reason he sent preggers Emily back to split up Amanda and Jack and stop them from getting together. Seriously, what’s it to him if Amanda killed White Hair or not? Did the dude lose family on the plane that went down?

Anyway, Amanda is in Japan with T. She’s tied herself to a pillar out in the ocean as high tide comes in. She nearly drowning, but her purpose is to bring forth childhood memories of her mother. She recalls visiting her mother in the psych ward. She’s pissed when another of T’s students rescues her. Since I didn’t catch his name, let’s call him Donatello. Amanda vows nothing will keep her from her mother and she will get revenge against anyone who has kept her from her mother, including T. Excuse me while I yawn.

I’m not a fan of her mother being part of this vast conspiracy White Hair and the Graysons are involved in. What started out as a story of Victoria’s lover being used as a fall guy to save Conrad and Victoria’s hides is now taking on ludicrous proportions with the involvement on Amanda’s mother in it.

Daniel’s looking at painting of Victoria that The Artist did. Ashley is Daniel’s new lover. He looks down on Amanda’s beach house. Pretty soon he can be looking down on more than just her house. He’s still sucking on a bitter pill over Amanda cheating on him, when Conrad urges him to get back with Amanda and dump the help [Ashley]. Conrad’s reaction to Ashley wouldn’t cheat on him like Amanda, makes me wonder if the English crumpet isn’t servicing both father and son at the same time. After all, now that Lydia has gone to the great whorehouse in the sky, he’s going to need someone to take her place.

Declan finds Jack on his boat to tell him the health inspector is coming to inspect the bar. He’s worried Jack keeps getting farther away since Emily has returned. Things are not rosy between Jack and Emily. After the bar doesn’t pass inspection, Declan calls a spade a spade by telling Jack he needs to own up to the fact he doesn’t love Emily. When Amanda hits town she puts a nasty little bug in his ear suggesting that maybe he’s not the father of Emily’s baby. Jack beats around the bush with Emily, but she gets it and says she’ll have tests to put his doubts to rest. Emily also gives Amanda a warning: tell Jack she isn’t Amanda Clarke and she’ll tell everyone that’s who Emily Thorne really is.

At Cliffside Home Charlotte is recovering from her drug addiction and about to be released on out-patient status. Or so that’s what she’s being told. Dr. Thomas agrees to escort Charlotte to the party to honor Victoria. I was actually impressed by Conrad acting a real father to her. I should have known better. Turns out he and Thomas are in cahoots with each other. Conrad wants to get himself named Charlotte’s power of attorney so he can get his hands on the money Victoria left her. So he has Thomas lie that Charlotte’s latest drug test didn’t come back clean and Charlotte gets carted back to Cliffside Home. Before she does, she runs up to Amanda and tells her Victoria isn’t dead and where to find her.

Amanda finds Nolan boxing in a ring. Amanda tells Nolan her priorities have changed and wants them to return to the Hamptons. Nolan asks if he can stay with her at the beach house and tells him no to being her wing man, again. Seems Nolan sold his house and it’s in escrow. However, it isn’t long before Nolan’s helping her play girl detective, again. On a completely superficial not, I love Nolan’s haircut. It took years off him. He looks so young, not to mention hot.

Nolan and Amanda find out the hospital her mother was in was shut down 2 days after her David’s arrest. They go to snoop around the abandoned hospital. Have to say it didn’t look it had been abandoned all these years. Nolan finds who visited Mrs. Clarke and since one of the visitors was a Charlotte Clarke, Amanda surmises Victoria came to visit her mommy posing as Charlotte Clarke.

Conrad finds Daniel drinking. Conrad said he’s lifting his restraints on his trust fund if he reinvests it back in the company along with what he inherited from Victoria. Daniel says he and Conrad are to blame for what happened to Victoria. He also refuses to cooperate.

Victoria’s Memorial is being held on yacht with Ashley acting like the new Lady Grayson. Daniel learns Amanda sent him a condolence card, something Ashley forgot to mention. Of course, since Daniel isn’t the brightest bulb in the package, he may think nothing of it.

Amanda goes to Victoria and tells her that Charlotte believes there’s a conspiracy to keep her locked up. Victoria believes Conrad has Charlotte’s counselor on his payroll to get his hands on her inheritance. Dr. Thomas takes Charlotte’s phone from her. Thomas offers to use phone to make it look like Charlotte’s been calling her drug dealer to help Conrad’s court case.

Amanda tells Nolan about Victoria. She asks Nolan to help her plant a camera at Victoria’s and to run a check on Dr. Thomas. She shows up at Victoria’s with a file on Thomas. Not to mention a clam cam. As slick as Vicky is, she doesn’t notice Amanda planting it in her hideout. Later, Nolan and Amanda watch on their computer as White Hair comes and visits Victoria. She tells White Hair about Amanda’s visit and wants him to eliminate the liability. AKA kill Amanda.

It seems the plane crash has only made Queen Victoria even more nasty and deadly. I think it’s well past time for Victoria to find out just who Amanda really is.


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