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Devon ke dev Mahadev serial on Lifeok

Updated on January 29, 2015

Indian television industry is full of all sorts of shows, most of which particularly revolve around love stories and family drama that have just unending "Saas-bahu" (family fights and differences with in-laws) sequences. I never watch any of these series, because after some initial interesting storyline, they all tend to become drab, boring and stretched. I usually enjoy reading books, and on television I mostly watch discovery channel and Travel and living, or some cookery shows broadcasted at NDTV Good times. However, none of these television programs ever got me hooked; it’s always a matter of time and my mood, when I switch over to these channels.

Lifeok channel is an Indian cable and satellite television channel, owned by STAR TV, which got launched on December 18th, 2011. I was particularly intrigued by their campaign video, which was pretty different and interesting.

The shows that started with the launch of this channel were a complete assortment that included romantic dramas like "Main Lakshmi tere Aangan ki" and "Tum Dena saath mera". They also air shows like "Saubhagyavati Bhav" which basically focuses on the life and problems of a woman who is being the victim of domestic violence. Apart from this there are other shows too like “Humne li hai shapath”, "Sapno ke Bhanwar mein", "Meri Maa" and "Zindagi Kahe Smile Please"

What I am going to talk about here today, is one of the best series I’ve seen of all time in mythological shows, and it is being aired at lifeok channel daily at 8:00 PM. The name of the series is “Devon ke Dev - Mahadev". It launched its first episode on December 18th, 2011.

I have no idea how I stumbled upon it the very first day it was aired, and I got hooked. This show is roughly based on "Shiva Purana" and other mythologies related to Lord Shiva, who is also known as "Mahadev" (The Lord of the lords). To be frank, I am not that religious at all, and I don't even watch this series for any kind of religious obligation. I am a Hindu, married to a Christian, so I have kind of mixed faiths. I don't follow any particular God, and I am more like a "New Agie" kind of person.

However, what made me stick to watching this serial was its amazing storyline. The characters, music, screenplay, grand sets, precise costumes and makeup, dialogues, acting and particularly the special effects are the things that make this series a definite hit. I still wonder how they have managed to bring so much of grandeur and mesmerizing direction in a television series. The background music of almost all the scenes brings a magical touch to them. The power and persona of all the characters in the series speak out themselves, as if they were born for their roles only, especially the person playing the role of the protagonist - Lord Shiva (played by actor Mohit Raina).

There are lots of powerful and breath-taking sequences shown in this series till now, and since past one month of watching it daily, I’ve only seen it getting better. As I am already into reading a lot of mythological books and epics, I'd say they've modified the original stories a bit, but all to make it look even more magical and spectacular. I particularly loved the sequence in which Mahadev rescues Devi Sati from the attack of the demon - Vritrasur. The whole scene just speaks power and brilliance.

The only problem I've felt about this show is its duration. It is aired for only 20 minutes. But seeing the amount of effort the team has been putting in to make it look truly bewitching and energizing in every episode, I guess we can forgive them this constraint. It is aired on the channel daily, so I can simply imagine the work pressure the team has to go through, for the level of perfection they show every time.

After experiencing all the unending “Saas Bahu “sagas, family drama, and almost similar love stories on our Indian TV channels, I feel that "Devon ke Dev - Mahadev" is just like a breath of fresh air coming straight from the legendary Mount Kailash, and landing right on your TV screen. I’d definitely recommend you to watch it and experience the magic as it entrenches your senses and takes you along on a spectacular journey ahead.

Below is one episode from the series, which has been my fav - the sequence when Mahadev rescues Devi Sati from the attack of demon - Vritrasur:


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    • bharmoriat profile image

      bharmoriat 5 years ago from CHANDIGARH INDIA

      hey, i too like this series, especially how Rakshanda Khan has donned this mythological role. I will have to agree that this is a refreshing break from the routine shows on Indian TV now a days.